CVS Deals 3/27 – 4/2

ECB- Extra Care Bucks – These print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You also get back 2% on most purchases that you make at CVS.  These print out at the end of each quarter either at the bottom of your receipt or from the Red “coupon machine” aka Price checker.  You can also purchase a Green Bag Tag ( found by registers) for 99cents and bring your own bag each time you shop and have your green bag tag scanned.  You will get a $1 Extra Buck for every 4th time you have your tag scanned.  It only counts 1 per day per store.

  • Unlike Walgreens Register Rewards these are considered a STORE coupon so you can use as many as you like until you get a $0 total.  You may also use an ECB that you got from  a previous order to buy something from the same manufacturer and your ECB will still print.  Note that there are limits per card though ( these will be advertised in the sale ad).

Spend $12.00 on select Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Glade products get $4.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1)

DEAL IDEA *only valid 3/27
Buy (2) Pledge Furniture Care Aerosol 12.5 oz. $6.00
Buy (2) Pledge Multi-surface $6.00
= $12.00
Use (2) Buy one Pledge Furniture Care Aerosol and get 1 FREE Pledge Multi-Surface 2-13 SS
(EXPIRES 3/27!)
Use (2) $1.00 Pledge Aerosol 2-13 SS ( EXPIRES 3/27!)
= $4.00 AND get back $4.00 ECB = FREE!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara $9.99 get $7.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1)
$1.00 Physicians Formula 3-6 SS
$5.00 PDF ( previously available)
*look for $3.00 peelies & Try Me Free Peelies stuck on product
**Some people are getting $3.00 & $6.00 Physicians Formula coupons from the red scanner
= as low as FREE after PDF & CVS scanner coupon AND get back $7.00 ECB = $7.00 Money Maker!

Physicians Formula Cosmetics ( excludes clearance) get $7.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1) *different offer from above
$1.00 Physicians Formula 3-6 SS
$5.00 PDF ( previously available)
*look for $3.00 peelies & Try Me Free Peelies stuck on product
**Some people are getting $3.00 & $6.00 Physicians Formula coupons from the red scanner
= as low as FREE after PDF & CVS scanner coupon AND get back $7.00 ECB = $7.00 Money Maker!

Clean & Clear Bodywash 16 oz. $2.99
$2.00 Printable ( sign up or login)
BOGO Free Clean & Clear body wash 3-27 SS
= 2 for $0.99 ( $0.50 each) * I have heard great things about this bodywash

Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave or gel 6-10 oz. $3.49 get $2.50 ECB ( LIMIT 1)
$1.00 Skintimate 3-27 SS ( some areas will get $0.55)
= $2.49 AND get back $2.50 ECB = FREE!

Colgate Maxfresh, Maxwhite, Maxclean 6 oz. or manual single pack toothbrush $2.99 get $2.00 ECB ( LIMIT 2)
$1.00 Colgate toothbrush 3-27 SS ( some areas will get lower denominations)
= $1.99 AND get back $2.00 ECB = FREE!

Stovetop $0.77
$0.50 printable “like” on Facebook
$0.50 printable no zip
= $0.27!

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Yet Another Update 3/25

Alrighty so it looks like the new site ( might not be up and running tonight.  My super awesome friend/web designer needs just a tad more time to set things up.  When you guys see the detail that she (Kate) put into the site then you will understand.  She has been trying to fit in time to work on my site ( design and all other techy stuff that is beyond my comprehension) for the past 2 weeks.  She is a full time student and is working on my site out of the kindness of her heart.  

So for now I will start posting to CouponLove ( this site) again until, Kate, has things ready on MomsCouponAffair.  I know that the site is a bit of a mess right now to look at so hopefully you will get something out of the posts. 

I will be sure to let you know when I am making the switch to permanently.  It will hopefully be within the next few days. 

Also, I mentioned a giveaway.  I am still doing the giveaway but I was hoping to do that on the new site so I won’t be starting it until the switch.

Hope you guys are doing well!  Feel free to leave questions or comments.  PLEASE!  I need to talk to you guys 🙂  I miss you all!!!

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Buffalo Area Meet-up

Hey everyone!

I will be back to blogging this Friday (I will have the drugstore write-ups posted as well as a giveaway!) but I was wrong in my previous post,  you will NOT be redirected to my new web address.  So starting Friday my new site will be .  The blog design is almost finished and it is SO very different from that boring page I had before.  Please note that once Friday comes and I am officially swtiched over to the new site that you will no longer receive emails or rss feed from this site.  If you still wish to “follow me” then you will need to sign up again at the new site.  Please don’t do so until Friday or later as things are still being set up.  I also have a Facebook page and Twitter page for MomsCouponAffair so you will have more options as to how you would like to follow my blog.  

Ann, from is having a Buffalo area meet-up.  It is this Saturday at 1:30pm.  Go here and read her post for all the info.  She would like for you to please try and rsvp if you are able so that she can give the restaurant a head count.  You can contact Ann here.  I will be there and I would LOVE to meet you!  Please let me know as well if you are going so I can look for you. 

There will be one final post on this site when everything is all set at the new site on Friday.  It will just include my new web address. 

As always, I miss you and can’t wait to talk ( and hopefully meet some of you!!!) on Friday!!!


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Quick Update: Blog Changes Happening NOW

Hello my sweet friends!

I miss you all like crazy!  I will be back either this Friday or next week Friday ( depending on my designers schedule) with regular posts and the deal write-ups.  The design of the blog is going to be going a bit crazy for the next few days while my designer plays around with it a bit.  Also the site will be at a new address ( you should be automatically redirected when it changes) and have a new name.   I have the internet ( a real connection) 24/7 now and will be able to blog regularly like I have always wanted.  I can’t wait! 

Have a great week!


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Free SoyJoy Bar


Go here and “like” SoyJoy on Facebook.  Then dare yourself by choosing a type of dare and filling it out.  Then click on the link that says “Click Here” ( easy to miss) in the LIGHT blue box.  You will then need to fill out a quick form.  That’s it!  Your SoyJoy bar should arrive in 6 – 8 weeks.

* Thanks MojoSavings!

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Free Organize in Style Coupon Booklet


Go here and request a free coupon booklet filled with P&G coupons and cute organizational tips that you can use around your home.

* Thanks Hip2Save!

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Free Sample Of Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant

Go here and “like” Secret on Facebook.  Then come back Saturday ( 2/26) @ Noon EST to request a free sample of Secret Natural Deodorant.  Samples will go quickly!

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