Tops Markets Deals 3/27 – 4/2

*Tops doubles coupons with a value of $0.99 or less ( ie. if you have a 75 cent off coupon it will double to $1.50) but only 4 alike coupons per transaction*
** Tops has a wonderful promo where you will get 10 gas points per manufacturer coupon used.  You may get up to 100 gas points per transaction.  That would be 10 manufacturer coupons and you would get 10 cents off a gallon

***This week you will get DOUBLE MONOPOLY TICKETS per order and per qualifying item!!***

Buy one jumbo pack of Tops Certified Ground Chuck ( 4-5lb avg.) 80% lean ( $3.99 a lb….not so great) and
Get the following items all FREE:
– Tops 6 inch Tortilla shells 10 oz.
– Tops Shredded cheese 8 oz. pkg.
– Tops Taco seasoning packet 1.25 oz.
– Hunt’s Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce 15.5 – 16oz. can
– Tops Hamburger or Hotdog rolls 12 oz.
– 2-Liter Coca Cola product
– Three Cheese Hamburger Helper
– Tops Steamin Easy Vegetables 12 oz.


Boneless Alaska Whitefish Fillet $4.99 lb ( normal price is $6.99 a lb)
$2.50 off a pound of Alaska Whitefish Printable ( scroll down to bottom of page) OR just click on the image above and then print that page tp save on ink.
= Cheap Fish 🙂  aka $2.49 per lb!  

Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Snacks $1.00 (not advertised in ad)
$0.75 Printable

Roman Meal Bread $1.89 ( not advertised in ad)
$0.75 Printable ( zip 22222)
= $0.39 after doubled coupon!

Pepsi 2 Liter 4 for $4.00 ( must buy multiples of 4 to get sale price)
$0.55 Diet Pepsi 2 liter 3-6 SS ( Buffalo did not get this one.  They are on ebay though)
= 4 for FREE after 4 doubled coupons!

Tops Grade A Large Eggs dozen $1.00
Look through your monopoly pieces.  I have a couple $0.25 off Tops eggs coupons.
= $0.75 a dozen with Tops coupon!
*  Some of you may still have the $0.55/2 dozen egg printable that was previously available.

Hormel Natural Choice Sliced Lunchmeat $2.99
$0.50 Hormel lunchmeat 3-6 SS ( Buffalo didn’t got $1.00/2.  On ebay.)
= $1.99 after doubled coupon!
* Look for $0.25 Tops Monopoly coupons to pair with the manu Q)

Scotties Facial Tissue 264 ct. $1.67
$0.50 Printable
= $0.67 after doubled coupon!

Zone Bars $1.00
$0.55 Zone bar 1-16 SS ( EXPIRES 3/31!) or 2-27 SS
= FREE after doubled coupon!

Ronzoni Smart taste, Healthy Harvest, Garden Delight Pasta $1.00
$1.00/1 Garden Delight 1-23 SS ( EXPIRES 3/31!)
$1.00/2 Smart taste 1-23 SS ( EXPIRES 3/31!)
$1.00/2 Healthy Harvest 1-23 SS ( EXPIRES 3/31!)
= $0.50 – FREE!

Del Monte Canned Tomatoes $1.00 (* $2.00/10 TOPS coupon in ad)
$1.00/5 Del Monte tomatoes ( I am unsure of which insert these are from.  On ebay.)
= 10 cans for $6.00 ($0.60 each) after In-ad coupon and (2) manufacturer coupons!

Tops Peeled Baby Carrots 1lb $1.00
* Look for $0.25 Tops Monopoly coupon
= $0.75!

Kozy Shack Rice Pudding Twin Pack 8 oz. $1.00
$0.40 Kozy Shack 3-6 SS ( Buffalo got this denomination)
$0.55 Kozy Shack 3-6 SS
$0.75 Kozy Shack no sugar added 1-23 SS ( if included)
= $0.20 – FREE after doubled coupon!

Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers 16 fl oz. $1.67
$0.55 printable ( there is also a $0.75/2 available here)
$0.55 Coffee-Mate 1-30 RP ( Buffalo got $1.00/2)
= $0.57 after doubled coupon!

Dole Fruit Bites $2.50
$1.00 Dole Fruit Bites 3-27 SS
= $1.50!

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9 Responses to Tops Markets Deals 3/27 – 4/2

  1. Ida says:

    Thanks for these deals, ?how did you get the tops fish coupon to print I am not seeing a print button? It just printed the whole web page.

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Ida!

      I just printed the whole page as well. Kind of an ink waster. I am not very computer savvy ( and yet I have a blog. LOL!) but if you know how to take a screen shot then you could probably paste into word or paint and then print. If I can figure out how to do that myself then I will try and post it that way so you don’t have to print the whole page.

    • couponlove says:


      I figured it out. You can just click the image of the coupon in my post and then print that page.

  2. Ida says:

    Thanks, I will try that, when I go back later this week. I went to Tops this afternoon and used the copy from the page, it would go through but the cashier pushed it through after a few tries, idkw. I wanted to thank you for the bread hu, I never would have printed that coupon because I am not familiar with roman meal bread, I never even heard of it. Great price, I am so happy with my Tops trip, I got the diced tomatoes, coffee mate, ronzoni, and Kozy shack. I also got the one beyond cat food free reg price $2.99, used the free up to $3 coupon. Nice, free products counting toward gas, I love it.
    Thanks again.

    • couponlove says:


      You are so very welcome! Thank YOU for using my deal write-ups 🙂 It takes a while to get them done and it makes me smile when I know that they helped someone! Sounds like you had a great trip! Tops has some nice deals this week.

      As for the Tops fish coupon the only reason that I think it may have beeped ( unless you accidentally bought a little bit less than a pound) is because maybe it is coded the same as the Mahi Mahi coupon that was in it’s place last week?? I am going to give it a try today.

  3. Diane says:

    Do you know if you have to buy both items in a sale of say 2/$6 to get the $3 price? Also, my friend went to Tops for this meal deal today and the packs were 5.5lbs at $3.99 a lb! Not a good deal if you have a Wegmans near you. Their club packs of 6 lbs are $1.99 a pound and i priced out each of the free items from Tops at Wegmans and the deal comes out the same at Wegmans and you don’t have to get all the items there and save money on just the meat.

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Diane!

      No you do not have to buy both items to get the sale price. The only time that you have to buy the number of items that they advertise is if it says “must buy quantities of 4”.

      Thanks so much for the heads up on the beef price. I was there last night and it must have been on sale then. I will change that now.

      So glad you stopped by!

      • Diane says:

        I’m in Erie, PA so our prices may be different. Thanks for your site, not many people do Tops deals.

      • couponlove says:


        No problem! Blogging is a bit of an addiction 🙂

        I was just reading some comments on another local blog and it seems as though $3.99 is the price in NY too.

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