Rite Aid Deals 3/27 – 4/2

SCR– Single Check Rebate – When you buy qualifying purchase(s) than you can submit your receipts online ( sign up for the SCR program here) and rwithin a few days you should see your rebate listed in your SCR account.  If you plan on doing more than 1 SCR deal for that month then you have to wait until you have done all of the SCR deals and they are showing up in your account before you request your check. YOU CAN ONLY REQUEST YOUR CHECK ONCE PER MONTH!  You will still get your rebates even if you use coupons.  The total counts BEFORE coupons ( LOVE IT!).

UP+ REWARDS- These are like store money that print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You may use as many Up+ rewards as you want until your total reaches $0. You CAN use an up reward from one purchase to buy another from the same manufacturer and you will get another up+ reward. 

**You need to sign up for a Wellness+ card to take advantage of the Up+ reward program.  You can sign up in store or online.  Just ask a cashier for a Wellness card.

VV-Video Values- Go here and watch different videos every month.  Each video gives you a certain amount of VV credits and allows you to print a coupon.  Although these say manufacturer coupon at the top they are infact considered Rite Aid store coupons and may be used with manufacturer coupons on an item.

**  Be sure to check the bottom of each of your receipts.  Rite Aid now randomly offers a $3/$15 printable coupon if you enter a code online and complete a survey about your shopping trip.  You must have a code from the bottom of your receipt ( you will not get one every time) and it must be entered within 14 days of purchase.  You can also only print 3 different $3/$15 coupons per month and each coupon is only a one time use and can not be printed and used multiple times.

All Revlon cosmetics and grooming implements 40% off & get $4.00 +UP WYB $10.00 ( LIMIT 1)
$2/$10 Revlon Top Speed Nailpolish RA March VV printable ( you need to watch all of the videos in the beauty section to print) *Only available to watch until Saturday evening
$2.00 Revlon Tool Printable ( this is a manufacturer coupons and does NOT have a Target logo)
Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss or Revlon Color Cosmetics Product, any – 03-06-11 SS ( Buffalo did not get this one)
= price varies!

*DEAL IDEA ( based on online price):
Buy (3) Revlon cuticle trimmer w/ cap $2.57 ( reg. $4.29)
Buy (1) Revlon eyelash curler $2.39 ( reg. $3.99)
= $10.10
Use (4) $2.00 Revlon tool Printable ( will need access to 2 computers)
= $2.10 AND get back $4.00 +UP = FREE + $1.90 money maker!

Viactiv Chews 60 – 100 ct. $8.79 ( based on online price)
$3.00 RA in-ad coupon
Viactiv Soft Chews – 01-16-11 SS
= $2.79!
*  If you have a 10% or 20% discount then your total will be even less since this is regular price.

Stayfree pads 14 – 24 ct. $2.49 ( Buy 2 get $1.49 +UP)
Stayfree product, any – 01-09-11 SS – valid up to $6.00 ( EXPIRES 3/31!)
$1.00 Stayfree Printable ( sign up)
$1.00 Stayfree 3-27 RP
= 2 for $1.49 AND get back $1.49 +UP( after bogo & $1 coupons) = FREE!

Select Aveeno (bogo 50% off), Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Lubriderm or Johnsons products get $5.00 +UP wyb 3

Buy (3) Aveeno Active Naturals Shampoo ( 2@ $6.99 & 1@ $3.50) based on online price
= $17.49
Use $1.00 Aveeno Shampoo/Conditioner RA April VV Printable *will be available on Sunday
Use Buy 2 Aveeno get 1 Free Printable ( sign up or login) or Buy 2 Aveeno get 1 Free Printable ( 100 pts on Recyclebank) *make sure the cashier enters the higher price
Use $3/2 Aveeno 3-27 SS
= $6.50 AND get back $5.00 +UP = 3 for $1.50 ( $0.50 each)!
*  If you have a $3/$15 survey coupon this will be a money maker!
**  I am not positive but if you have a discount on your wellness card then the 3rd Aveeno should ring up at a lower price as well.

Cetaphil Products $2.00 off regular retail of $8.49 and higher get $2.00 +UP
$2.00 Printable ( sign up.  May take 2 or 3 days to reach your email)
$1.00 Printable
= as low as $4.49AND get back $2.00 +UP! = $2.49! ( this stuff is pricey but I have heard SO MANY
rave reviews)

Trident Vitality Gum BOGO Free
$0.50 Trident Vitality RA April VV Printable *will be available to watch starting Sunday
$0.50 Trident Vitality RA March VV Printable *only available to watch until Saturday evening
BOGO Free Trident 3-6 SS
= 2 FREE!

Orbit Gum BOGO Free
$0.25 Orbit gum RA March VV Printable *only available to watch until Saturday evening
BOGO Orbit Tropical Remix Printable
= 2 FREE!

Tums 50 – 100 ct 2/$8.00 get $2.00 wyb 2
$1.00 Tums RA March VV Printable *only available to watch until Saturday evening
Tums Product, 24-Ct. +, Any – 01-30-11 RP ( EXPIRES 3/31!)
$1.00 Tums printable
= 2 for $5.00 AND get back $2.00 +UP = 2 for $3.00 ( $1.50 each)!

$3.00/3 American Greetings cards with in-ad coupon
$1.00/3 American Greetings Printable
= possible FREE cards after both coupons!

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