Buffalo Area Meet-up

Hey everyone!

I will be back to blogging this Friday (I will have the drugstore write-ups posted as well as a giveaway!) but I was wrong in my previous post,  you will NOT be redirected to my new web address.  So starting Friday my new site will be www.MomsCouponAffair.com .  The blog design is almost finished and it is SO very different from that boring page I had before.  Please note that once Friday comes and I am officially swtiched over to the new site that you will no longer receive emails or rss feed from this site.  If you still wish to “follow me” then you will need to sign up again at the new site.  Please don’t do so until Friday or later as things are still being set up.  I also have a Facebook page and Twitter page for MomsCouponAffair so you will have more options as to how you would like to follow my blog.  

Ann, from CouponsDealsandMore.com is having a Buffalo area meet-up.  It is this Saturday at 1:30pm.  Go here and read her post for all the info.  She would like for you to please try and rsvp if you are able so that she can give the restaurant a head count.  You can contact Ann here.  I will be there and I would LOVE to meet you!  Please let me know as well if you are going so I can look for you. 

There will be one final post on this site when everything is all set at the new site on Friday.  It will just include my new web address. 

As always, I miss you and can’t wait to talk ( and hopefully meet some of you!!!) on Friday!!!


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