WALGREENS DEALS 1/16 – 1/22 *3 Money Makers & 1 Freebie + More !*

Walgreens Corporate Coupon Policy *

RR – Register Rewards – A coupon that prints out after purchasing qualifying item(s) .  You may use these on your next purchase with few exclusions such as lottery, tobacco etc.

You can use register rewards to buy other items that give back register rewards unless it is from the same manufacturer.  If you do than your register reward will not print. For example if you buy a Glade air freshener and get back a $1 RR and use that $1 RR to pay for a Glade candle that is supposed to print a $2 RR than the $2 RR will not print.  BUT if you use the $1 RR from the Glade air freshener and use it to buy a tub of Huggies baby wipes that is supposed to print a $3 RR than the $3RR will print because it is from a different manufacturer.

* Although you “earned” your Register Rewards at Walgreens they are considered Manufacturer coupons ( it will say it at the top) so make sure that the amount of manufacturer coupons(including RR) does not exceed the number of items that you are buying.

IVC – Instant Value Coupon – These are found usually in the front of the store or at the counters and are inside of the monthly booklet of coupons that Walgreens put out. You can use 1 IVC ( walgreens coupon) and 1 manufacturer coupon per item!

Buy $15 worth of participating Vicks Products get $5.00 RR OR Buy $20.00 worth get $10.00 RR
DEAL IDEA ( IF Sinex is included. Based on past sales it should be):
Buy (4) Sinex $20.00 ( $5 each)
Use (4) $4.00 Sinex 12-26 PG
= $4.00 AND get back $10.00 RR = $6.00 Money Maker!

Jimmy Dean 8 oz. bowls or 2 pk. biscuit sandwiches ( ad says limit 3) $1.99
$1.00 any Jimmy D Product Printable “like” on Facebook
= $0.99!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide $9.99 get $5.00 RR
$4.00 Fusion 12-26 PG
= $5.99 get $5.00 RR = $0.99!

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant, mouthwash or toothpaste $3.99 get $3.00 RR
= $0.99 after RR!
*  People are finding $2.00 Tom’s tearpads at various stores!

Full Fast Appetite Control SPray $10.00 get $10.00 RR
= Free after RR!

Thermacare Pain Relief Trial Size $2.50 get $2.50 RR
$1.00 any Thermacare Printable
= $1.50 AND get back $2.50 RR = $1.00 Money Maker!

Joint Juice Glucosamine Chondroitin 20 oz. $10.00 get $10.00 RR
$1.00 Printable
= $9.00 AND get back $10.00 = $1.00 Money Maker!

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