CVS Deals 1/9 – 1/15 *Free Pepsi after ECB + More!*

ECB- Extra Care Bucks – These print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You also get back 2% on most purchases that you make at CVS.  These print out at the end of each quarter either at the bottom of your receipt or from the Red “coupon machine” aka Price checker.  You can also purchase a Green Bag Tag ( found by registers) for 99cents and bring your own bag each time you shop and have your green bag tag scanned.  You will get a $1 Extra Buck for every 4th time you have your tag scanned.  It only counts 1 per day per store.

  • Unlike Walgreens Register Rewards these are considered a STORE coupon so you can use as many as you like until you get a $0 total.  You may also use an ECB that you got from  a previous order to buy something from the same manufacturer and your ECB will still print.  Note that there are limits per card though ( these will be advertised in the sale ad).

Pepsi Product 12 pk. cans 6/$20.00 get $10.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1 OFFER) + bottle deposits
= (6) 12pk cans for $20.00 AND get back $10.00 ECB = $10.00 ( $1.67 each pack or $0.14 a can!)
* Mountain Dew, ALL types of Pepsi, Sierra Mist and Mug Rootbeer ( if that comes in 12 pks) are all parts of the Pepsi brand and should all be included in this sale!

Hershey’s Drops or Reese’s Mini Cups $1.59 get $1.59 ECB ( LIMIT 1)
= Free after ECB!

Single Snickers Bar $0.89 get $0.89 ECB ( LIMIT 1)
= free after ECB!

Buy $20.00 worth of participating products and get $10.00 ECB ( 12 pks of Pepsi is included in this deal as well) ( LIMIT 1 OFFER)
Pepsi 12 pks. 3/$10.00
So if you buy (6) 12 pks of Pepsi products then you SHOULD get (2) seperate $10.00 ECBS making them FREE after extra bucks between the 2 Pepsi deals!!!!
* I doubt this deal will run as smoothly as I am hoping so be sure to check your receipts before leaving the store!  The event codes are different for the Pepsi deals so it should work and you are entitiled to BOTH $10.00 ECB if you buy (6) 12 pks.!
** Also if you still have Sobe BOGO Free rainchecks from a few months back then use those to get (20) Sobe lifewaters for $10.00 AND get back $10.00 ECB!

Spend $20.00 on select Lysol, Finish or Airwick products get $10.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1 OFFER)
Buy (7) Finish Gel tabs or powerballs 20 ct. $21.00 ( $3 ea)
= $21.00
Use (7) $2.25 Finish 1-2 SS
= $5.25 AND get back $10.00 ECB = $4.75 Money Maker!

Buy (3) Ultra Air Wick Freshmatic Kit $18.00 ( $6 ea)
Buy (1) Finish gel tab or powergel $3.00
= $21.00
Use (3) $4.00 Ultra Air Wick Freshmatic 1-2 SS
Use (1) $2.25 Finish 1-2 SS
= $6.75 AND get back $10.00 ECB = $3.25 Money Maker!

Spend $20.00 on select Maalox, gas-x, prevacid or Benefiber get $10.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1 OFFER)
Buy (4) Maalox $21.96 ( $5.49 ea based on online price)
Use (4) $5.00 Maalox 1-9 SS ( * this is a regional coupon so you may not get it 😦 )
= $1.96 AND get back $10.00 ECB = $8.04 Money Maker!


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