Sunday Coupon Preview 1/9

* I will be updating my Sunday Paper Coupon Page but it is taking me longer than planned.  So I am going back to directing you to the following two websites where you can find the coupon previews for now.

You can check out the preview for this Sunday’s coupons atTaylortownPreview or SundayCouponPreview.  You can order coupons from if you see one that you might want multiple of.

This Sunday’s paper will have 3 inserts, 2 Smartsource,1 Redplum .  I am planning on getting 6 – 8 copies depending on which of the coupons are in my inserts and trading to get more of the  coupons that I want.

My Favorites are:

  • BOGO Free Hershey’s Candy Bars – hopefully we’ll get some bogo free sales to pair these with!
  • $5.00 Maalox – will make a NICE money maker @ CVS this coming sales week!
  • $2.00 Clean & Clear Product – not sure if this excludes trial size but if not then they trial size morning burst face washes will be free @ Target & Walmart
  • $5.00 any EPT product – Walmart has the one count priced at $3.xx so free after coupon
  • $0.50 Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread – if your store doubles then this should make it free or just a few cents when paired with a sale.
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter Kit – If I am thinking of the right product then these are priced around $7.99 @ Target when not on sale so they might be free or atleast really cheap with this coupon
  • BOGO FREE Stayfree product – pair this with an upcoming sale and you will get 2 for free ( I believe Rite Aid is having a bogo sale next week)
  • BOGO Free Pure Protein Bars – pair this with a bogo sale to get 2 free!  * I am not positive but when I was at Rite Aid earlier this week I saw that a lot of the bars were BOGO free until 1/22 so these may be included which would make them free after coupon.
  • BOGO Free Met rx bars – see above

*MONEY SAVING TIP* – If you have a Dollar Tree nearby than head over there early and buy a Sunday paper for just $1 OR if you have store money ( i.e. Cvs ECB) use that instead of cash to buy your papers.

ALWAYS CHECK THAT ALL OF THE COUPON INSERTS ARE IN THE PAPER BEFORE BUYING! I have made the mistake of not checking them before buying my 4 copies of the paper and all 4 of them were missing a coupon insert

I have been asked several times how many copies of the Sunday paper someone should buy and I recommend always buying in even numbers ( I always try to make sure that I have even numbers of my coupons incase a BOGO sale comes up where I would be able to use a coupon on each item!) and checking to see how good the coupons are in the Sunday preview. Some coupons are regional and just because it is on the Sunday Coupon Preview doesn’t guarantee that you will get that coupon or in that particular denomination ( varies by region).

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7 Responses to Sunday Coupon Preview 1/9

  1. Tiffany says:

    So I have been buying an odd amount of papers normally 5. The crazy reason behind it is when there is a hot deal I tend to use them all (normally in even numbers). Then a couple weeks later I am kicking myself for not having one…. hehehe so I am going to try it this way!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Question…. what do the local stores/gas stations do with the left over papers or what do the newspaper company do with them…. anyone know?

  3. Stacy says:

    I’m in Jamestown, NY and I asked my local gas station if I could buy leftover Sunday papers on Monday at a discount and was told “no”, that the sold/unsold were tracked and the newspaper came and took back the unsold. I haven’t followed up with the newspaper yet to see what they do with them. I know if you buy your papers at Rite Aid you will get 20% off with your wellness card if you’ve reached that level.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Well maybe I will ask my local areas too maybe even call the newspaper company to see. Wont hurt to ask! Thank you! Do all Rite Aids sell papers? I never see them in my store….

    • couponlove says:

      Tiffany, most paper companies will gladly sell you their old newspapers. I have never been to a Rite Aid that doesn’t sell the Sunday paper. Maybe they are in a hidden location of your store?!?

  5. adina says:

    My 2 local gas stations just GIVE my husband the left over coupons Sunday around midnight. They only have to return the front page of the paper to get the unsold paper credit!

  6. Kate says:

    Adina – SO lucky 🙂 I should ask at my local gas station!

    My Rite Aid told me that they recycle the leftover papers, but they keep the coupon inserts in a employees-only room and all the employees can help themselves whenever they want something.

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