Tops – Super Cheap Beef Products ( through Saturday)

Since it is so late in the week and I have a lot of catching up to do then I will not be doing the coupon matchups for THIS WEEK’s deals ( I will be doing the deals that start this coming Sunday).  There is a fantastic deal that I wanted to make sure you knew about if you don’t already.  Tops has their All-Natural Antibiotic Free Beef products on sale for 25% off.  But wait…it gets much sweeter!  Go here to print out a coupon good for $3.00 off any Antibiotic free beef product.  This is a PDF coupon meaning you can print is as many times as you want.  The coupon does say “One Per Customer” though so you will have to use 1 per transaction or 1 per shopping trip.  I have picked up ground beef and steaks for just cents after the coupon.  GREAT DEAL!

* So that you don;t use up a ton of printer ink be sure to minimize the page so that only the coupon is showing and then when you go to print, click on “current view” under “printing range”.  This should work out so that it only prints the coupon and not the ad!

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8 Responses to Tops – Super Cheap Beef Products ( through Saturday)

  1. adina says:

    What are you buying and how much does it make it? I am done shopping for the week.. but if the prices are low enough.. I might make a trip to Tops! I assumed the meat would be super over priced! I might be wrong!

    PS… glad to have you back!

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Adina! So glad to hear from you!!! So far I have bought the 90% lean Angus ground beef and the thin angus boneless strip steaks. The steaks had 2 in the package and it was originally $5.40 but marked down to $4.05 with the sale . I paid $1.05 after coupon. I’ve been buying as close to a pound of the ground beef as possible. One of the packages I got was exactly 1lb and was $4.69 before sale. $3.52 after sale and only $0.52 after coupon! I plan on making more trips. 🙂

  2. adina says:

    Thats worth a trip to Tops tonight! Thanks Amanda!

    • couponlove says:

      No problem! This deal was actually what motivated me to get back on the blog. LOL. I am hoping to find some stew meat next. we’ll see. I hope you find a lot of cheap beef!!!

  3. Amy says:

    I’m going the next two days to load up. Might bring the hubby with me to do another transaction. Thank you!

    • couponlove says:

      I hope you get some good stuff! I am hoping to not have to buy any meat products for a while.

      • Amy says:

        I went today and they only 2lb packages so I had the butcher split them so I could get them for free! (did two separate transactions) I just finished making chili with my free ground beef! I might go back tonight to get more!

  4. Kate says:

    Did 4 transactions this week with these coupons and all 4 beefs cost me $0.48 total!!!!


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