Rite Aid Deals 12/12 – 12/18 * Lots of Freebies & Money Makers!

* Don’t forget to enter all of your receipts online for the Gift of Savings Program.  Get details here.

SCR– Single Check Rebate – When you buy qualifying purchase(s) than you can submit your receipts online ( sign up for the SCR program here) and rwithin a few days you should see your rebate listed in your SCR account.  If you plan on doing more than 1 SCR deal for that month then you have to wait until you have done all of the SCR deals and they are showing up in your account before you request your check. YOU CAN ONLY REQUEST YOUR CHECK ONCE PER MONTH!  You will still get your rebates even if you use coupons.  The total counts BEFORE coupons ( LOVE IT!).

UP+ REWARDS- These are like store money that print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You may use as many Up+ rewards as you want until your total reaches $0. You CAN use an up reward from one purchase to buy another from the same manufacturer and you will get another up+ reward. 

**You need to sign up for a Wellness+ card to take advantage of the Up+ reward program.  You can sign up in store or online.  Just ask a cashier for a Wellness card.

VV-Video Values- Go here and watch different videos every month.  Each video gives you a certain amount of VV credits and allows you to print a coupon.  Although these say manufacturer coupon at the top they are infact considered Rite Aid store coupons and may be used with manufacturer coupons on an item. Once you reach 20 VV credits you can print out a coupon for $4 off of your purchase of $20.  You can hand this coupon over before all other coupons for great savings!

***Don’t forget you can print out a coupon for  $3/$20 here for reaching 20 video credits and also (2) $1/$1 purchase coupons which can be used on any of the following deals but not in conjunction with the $3/$20 coupon! ***

Rite Aid Brand Tape or Envelopes BOGO Free $1.00 +UP ( it is printing on the free one too.  This has been confirmed by several people in CA, where the sales start Friday)
RA Single invisible Tape $1.49
RA envelopes $2.29

Buy (2) Invisible tapes $1.49 AND get back (2) $1.00 +UPs = $0.51 Money Maker!

EcoTools Bathcare & Accessories BOGO 50% off. Get $5.00 + UP WYB 2
*Look For $1.00 off any EcoTools Coupon hangtags on bathgels*

Buy EcoTool Loofah $1.99
Buy EcoTool Loofah $0.99
= $2.98 AND get back $5.00 +UPs = $2.02 Money Maker!
* Pumice stones and bath sponges are also priced @ $1.99 *

Darice Foamie Foam Activity Sets BOGO 50% off ( I think the shelf price was $2.29)
 $5.00/2 December Video Value Printable
= Free – $1.56 in overage ( must have other products to cover this)

Gillette Fusion Proglide giftset $7.99
$4.00 Fusion ProGlide razor 11-28 PG
$3.00 Fusion ProGlide Shave Gel from RA Flu Shot Booklet (YMMV)
= $0.99 after both coupons!

Reese’s Single Serve Candy BOGO Free
Reese’s Cups 1.5 oz. BOGO Free 12-12 SS
= 2 Free!
* I am not sure if the “cups” are included in the BOGO sale or not.  The Tree shaped Reese is pictured in the ad but the wording makes it seem as if the regular Reese’s cups should work*

Halls Defense 30ct. 2/$3.00 get $1.00 WYB 2
$0.50 Halls November Video Values ( no longer available to watch)
$0.50 Halls December Video Values Printable
$1.00/2 Halls 11-7 SS
= $1.00 AND get back $1.00 +UP = Free!

Gas-X 18 – 20ct. (prices vary) Get $5.00 +UP WYB $15 Worth

Buy (4) Gas-X Prevention 20ct. $4.99 (online price) * If this kind is included in sale *
= $19.96
Use (4) $4.00 Gax-X prevention 12-12 SS
= $3.96 AND get back $5.00 +UP = $1.04 Money Maker!

Buy $15.00 Worth L’Oreal Cosmetics & Skincare get $5.00 +UP & $1.00 SCR ( NO LIMIT on SCR!)
* Loreal Cosmetics & Skincare is BOGO 50% off

DEAL IDEA ( based on online price):
Buy 4 Loreal Infallible Lip Liner = $26.97 ( 2 @ $8.99 & 2 @ $4.50)
Use $3/20 Video Value Printable ( or $4/$20 or $5/$25 if you have them)
Use (2) $5.00/2 Loreal Face product 11-14 RP * This coupon will beep due to the barcode ending in 00 which means “checker intervention” so just a head up!*
Use (4) $3.00 Loreal Lipstick or Lip liner from Flu Shot Booklet
= $1.97 AND get back $5.00 +UP AND $4.00 SCR = $7.03 Money Maker!

Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off. Get $2.00 + UP WYB 2 & Get $1.00 SCR ( LIMIT 1 SCR)
$1.00 Revlon printable ( Is Manufacturer coupon but has Target logo on it so YMMV)

Buy (2) Little Revlon Nail Clippers $1.70 ( $0.85 each after 40% off sale)
Use $1.00 Revlon Printable
$3.00 Nail Care Rite Aid Printable
= FREE  AND get back $2.00 + UP AND $1.00 SCR = $2.30 Money Maker!
* If your store doesn’t adjust coupons then you have quite the overage headed your way!

Buy $10.00 Worth of Select Air Wick Products get $3.00 +UP
* Air Wick Products BOGO Free

Buy (4) Air Wick Candles $11.98 ( 2 @ $5.99 & 2 FREE)
Use (4) $3.00 Air WIck 11-14 SS
= Free + $0.02 overage ( if not adjusted down) AND get back $3.00 +UP = $3.00 Money Maker!

Single Serve Cookies and crackers 2/$1.00
$1.00/2 ANY crackers printable ( sign up or sign in)
$0.50 Nabisco Video Values Printable
= Free!

Hormel Compleats Microwave Dinners $1.99 get $1.00 +UP
$1.00/3 Hormel Compleats 11-14 SS
$1.00 Hormel Compleats RA Flu SHot Booklet

Buy (3) Hormel Compleats $5.97
Use $1.00/3 manufacturer Q
Use (3) $1.00 Hormel from RA Flu Shot Booklet
= $1.97 AND get back (3) $1.00 +UPs = $1.03 Money Maker!

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 6 oz. $3.50 get $3.50 +UP
$1.00 Colgate 12-5 SS
= $2.50 AND get back $3.50 +UP = $1.00 Money Maker!

Buy $15.00 worth of select Hershey’s products get $5.00 +UP

Buy (6) Hershey’s Kisses 8.5 oz. bags $15.00
Use (2) B2G1 Free 12-5 SS
Use (2) $1.00/2 Kisses 11-14 SS
Use $1.00/2 Hershey’s Kisses Video Values Printable
Use $1.00 Hershey’s Kisses November VV ( no longer available to watch)
= $6.00 AND get back $5.00 +UP = $1.00 ( $0.17 each)!

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10 Responses to Rite Aid Deals 12/12 – 12/18 * Lots of Freebies & Money Makers!

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Amanda…I found this today and was wondering if Rite Aid still takes these $5 off of $25 coupons? I heard a while back that they beep and are not being accepted. http://www.redplum.com/pages/ViewOffer.aspx?id=1457462

  2. Tiffany says:

    Awesome deals!! Thank you!!

  3. couponlove says:

    Hi Amy! It’s the pdfs that are ymmv although I’ve never had a problem using them. You shoul have no probs at all using the redplum q!

  4. couponlove says:

    Hi Tiffany! You are very welcome and thanks so much for your comment!

  5. Stacy says:

    My $1/2 Hershey’s Kisses coupon from the 11/14 SS is for 10 oz or larger. There is a $1/2 on coupons.com that will work.

  6. Kate says:

    There’s an IP for $2/1 L’Oreal eye product on redplum.com
    Could go well with the B1G1 50% and $5UP for $15 purchase.

  7. Linda says:

    I am hoping to buy 10 of the ecotools and 4 revlon emery board packages:

    10 Ecotools at B1G1 50 percent off = 14.90 (5 @ 1.99 & 5 @ .99)
    – get 5 up+ rewards at 5.00 each (25.00 in up+) = -10.10 after up+ rewards received.
    4 Revlon Emery board packages (40% off sale) 4 x .75 cents each = 3.00
    – use 3.00 off RA printable off Revlon items and get 2 up+ rewards at 2.00 each (4.00 up+ and 1.00 SCR) = -5.00 after coupons, up+ received and rebates.

    Total price after coupons and ups earned = 29.00 in up+ received & 1.00 SCR received = 30.00 received – 14.90 OOP = Negative 15.10

    There are a few other deals that I have seen that I’m interested in, but these look like the best. I saw these deals on http://www.iheartriteaid.com and http://frugalsuz.blogspot.com/.

    Im sure I could add a few of the crest to make this deal even better and use a 4/20 or 3/20 VV coupon but its a great deal by itself!

    • couponlove says:

      I hope that your trip went as expected, Linda! This was an awesome week FILLED with deals!

      • Linda says:

        It did and I have made several more trips to Riteaid this week. I couldn’t stay away.

        I was able to find the kids puzzles for .74 cents and earn a 2 up reward for each one.

        I bought emery boards, hershey’s pot of gold, revlon emory boards and nail clippers, air wick candles, etc. I made an overall profit this week of about 30.00.

        I LOVE getting paid to shop 🙂

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