6 Free Zoya Color Spoons ( 12/10 ONLY) + 3 Free Bottles Of Nailpolish ( Pay Shipping)

WOW!  Zoya really knows how to get our attention!

Okay first go here and “like” Zoya on Facebook.  Then click on the “Free Spoon” tab up top and read the details if you like on how to get your 6 Free color spoons.  Or just look below 😉

  1. Go to Zoya.com
  2. Click “Color Spoons” on the left side of the page
  3. Choose 6 colors that you would like to try
  4. Click “checkout”
  5. Apply coupon code SP6 which will make your total $0.00
  6. Enter your info * Even though your total is $0.00 you are still asked to enter your CC info*

Zoya is giving away 3 “free” bottles of nailpolish to Facebook “likers” once they reach 20,000 Fans on Facebook.  They need less than 300 fans right now to reach that goal.  Please note that these are not exactly free as you have to pay shipping!

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