Rite Aid – Garnier Deal Producing Mystery $5.00 +UP Reward?

Several people are reporting that when they did the Garnier deal ( buy $30 worth & get $10 +UP) then they were also receiving a mystery $5.00 +UP reward that says “Maybelline”.  No one can figure out what triggered it but here is what I am thinking:

Maybe it is when you buy $20 worth of Garnier hair color then you get the $5.00 Maybelline bonus +UP reward. The ad says $5.00 +UP WYB $20 worth of maybelline cosmetic items. Technically hair color is a cosmetic item and since Garnier is part of the Maybelline brand they are coded the same and therefore we get both +UP rewards?!?

I have not personally done the Garnier deal yet but will report back when I do.  Please let us know in the comments section if you did the Garnier deal and got both the $10.00 Garnier +UP AND the $5.00 Maybelline +UP and what you bought. 

Go here to see my deal scenario for the Garnier.  It will be much sweeter if you get the $5.00 +UP too!

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