Walgreens – UPDATE On Super Jingle Cash ( RR)

I had posted here about the new SUPER Jingle Cash ( register rewards) at Walgreens .  I was not sure if the $25.00 total had to be met before or after coupons.  I can now confirm that you need to meet the $25.00 total BEFORE coupons to get the $5.00 Register Reward.  I bought $28 worth of product today and used coupons that brought my total well below the $25 that I needed to reach and the $5.00 SUPER Jingle cash rewards printed.

I also wanted to make sure that I point out that the Super RR that you get this week are not valid until next week Sunday ( 12/12) and expire on that Saturday ( 12/18).  Unlike regular RR the Super RR ARE considered a Walgreens store coupon so you should be able to use them with other regular RR and not have it count towards your item/coupon ratio.  Yet another note on these Super RR, you can only use 1 Super RR per transaction!  I don’t know about you but I will be using these for food items & diapers 😉

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