Rite Aid – Check Your Emails ( possible $3/$15)


I got an email today from Rite Aid with my quarterly single check rebate info.  I got excited because in the subject of the email it said Your Quarterly Single Check Rebate Savings AND COUPON!  I wasn’t expecting anything too spectacular but I got a $3.00 off of $15.00 one time use coupon!  I love any $/$$ coupons so I was pretty happy!  Be sure to check and see if you got any coupons.  Don’t forget to check in your spam folder.

* Come back and let us know if you got any coupons in your email!

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10 Responses to Rite Aid – Check Your Emails ( possible $3/$15)

  1. Sarah B. says:

    I got mine this morning too!! LOVE those!

  2. Kate says:

    I got a lame 10% off (or sale price, which ever is lower) 😦
    I probably didn’t spend as much at Rite Aid as you guys.
    Oh well. I can’t complain after all I got this week and last for just tax =D

  3. Sarah B. says:

    I got a separate email with that coupon, Kate…not sure why because it says it’s not valid if you already get the 10 or 20% discount and I’m at the 20% level. Maybe only the 20% off people got the extra coupon??

  4. couponlove says:

    Boo! Sorry that you didn’t get it Kate. Are you at 20%?

    • Kate says:

      I’m not even at 10% =P
      I just started at Rite Aid this fall – end of August I think.

      I’m hoping to get to 10% by 12/31/10, but I don’t like spending money there. I pretty much only get freebies and use mostly Rite Aid coupons (UPs included). I try and just pay tax.

      My last receipt says I was at 378 points… and I think I used $28.07 manufacturer coupons on that trip which will count as points.
      So, I think I need to spend another $100 this month to get the 10%. We’ll see. I see Erica at iheartriteaid.com bought a ‘iphone myGrid’ for $25 SCR – I’ll probably do that… but I might cover most of it with UPs since I accumulated a lot over the last few weeks and they have short expiration dates.

  5. Kate says:

    I really made out WELL at Rite Aid 2 days ago. I used a lot of expiring on 11/30 coupons, but some of the deals that are still available that I did:

    b1g1 Lysol wipes (these are nice and replace paper towels in my kitchen!) – they were only $3.49 at my Rite Aid on Niagara Falls, so with 2 $1.50 Flu Shot coupons and a $1/2 manufacturer coupon, I guess I got $0.51 overage!

    Got 2 of those foamies and received the $1.56 overage. There’s a toy donation box in the management building at UB where I spend most of my time – I’m going to drop these off there.

    b1g1 Scott single rolls @ $1.29 – got 6 and used 5 $1/1 coupons. $3.87 – $5 = $1.13 overage

    b1g1 Sundown Vitamin D @ $3.49 – $3 coupon

  6. wendy says:

    Mine is $3/$15. Have $10 GOS so far. Have $19 UP’s. Hoping for some more good deals this month!

  7. couponlove says:

    Awesome deals, Kate! I need to hurry and get my buns to RA before all of the good stuff is gone!

  8. couponlove says:

    Me too, Wendy! I have fifty something cents towards my gos so I am just depending on finding receipts and not holding my breath on that one. I still can’t believe that manu q’s aren’t counting this year!

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