Attention Coupon Love Readers!

As you may know (since I complain about it every week. lol),  Hubby is working second shift for a few months and I use his cell phone to connect via easy tether to the internet.  This has been hard when it comes to my blogging because a lot of freebies and deals go very quickly and if you aren’t reading other blogs or deal sites then you may miss out on the deals by the time I post them.

One of my readers, Kate, has generously offered to post some things during the day if she gets a chance.  Isn’t that awesome?!?!  Any posts written by Kate will say so at the top of the post.  She will only be putting up posts on Mondays through Thursdays ( since I have access to the internet on Friday and all weekend) from 3pm – 10 pm.  This will only be until Hubby gets moved back to first shift ( in February) or when we get a normal internet connection.

I will still be blogging and doing my own write-ups and everything that I have been doing late at night and early in the morning.  If you have any questions about deals or anything you can still email me.  Although I do not post during the day, I still keep up on the deals and answer emails on my phone.  When you email me or comment on this blog I get an alert on my cell phone and try to respond as soon as possible.

I hope that you are all okay with this and understand that the only thing that is changing is that there will hopefully be more posts throughout the day so that you can request your freebies and get your deals before they are gone.  I am of course open to hearing any concerns that you may have.

*Please note that only I will be answering emails.  Also for those that are wondering (I know it makes a difference to some)  I do not get paid to blog and will not be paying , Kate for putting up posts for this blog.  I may however send her coupons and other small gifts for her help.

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3 Responses to Attention Coupon Love Readers!

  1. Sarah B. says:

    That’s great you have some help! I can’t imagine having to try to do that whole cell phone tethering thing!

  2. Precious says:

    It is so nice that people are willing to help others out. But I find people here in the Buffalo area are so nice to each other…even total strangers.

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