Trade Me Tuesday – New Info Please Read ( in purple and red)

*NEW*- This is about the 8th or so week that I have posted this and so far only 1 reader has ever posted any coupons that she wanted.  I highly encourage trading because that is often where your best coupons will come from which helps you save more!  I would REALLY like participation on this post because I had other fun things planned ( like coupon trains and some RAOK games) for the future that now may not happen.  I understand that trading just may not be something that you are interested in at all.  If it is something that you have thought about and just haven’t started then c’mon….it’s fun!

RANDOM GIVEAWAYS: Every week I am going to choose a reply to the Trade Me Tuesday post either offering coupons to trade or asking for some.  I will then send the winner an envelope of coupons ( hopefully using the winner’s wishlist).  This is basically just like my Weekly Coupon Giveaway except you have to reply to this post with either coupons that you have or coupons that you want.  This is also a double dip giveaway so it is possible to win coupons from this post AND from the Weekly Coupon Giveaway.   The replies here will count for both giveaways. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Use this post to list coupons that you have to trade and/or coupons that you may need.  When listing coupons that you have please be sure that you list how many you have of each, the coupons denomination and the coupons expiration date.

Example Below :

(2) $1.00 Pampers Cruisers exp. 10/10/10

If you have “store” coupons ( ie. Target) make sure that you include that in your listing.  Other than coupons,  you may also trade rebates, box tops for education, labels for education, Huggies codes, Pampers codes, Coke codes, Disney Reward codes, Stonyfield Codes and any other reward codes, Formula checks, Postage stamps and Store rain checks.  If there is something else that isn’t listed that you would like to trade, please email me first at wifenmom3 @ ( remove spaces).

I will be posting a new “Trade Me Tuesday” every week so be sure to update your wishlist and haves list each week if you plan to continue trading.  You can also click on the link to the right of this page that says “Coupon Trades” to go through older posts.

*Don’t forget to include your email address in your post so that others can contact you if they want to trade.   You can also click the box that says “subscribe to post” if you would like to get notified via email whenever someone comments on this post.

** Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get many replies some weeks.  The more coupons that you list in your haves and wants the more chances that you will get replies.

***Trade at your own risk! I am not responsible for any trades that go bad but I would appreciate it if you please let me know if you have a problem with a trader.

Happy Trading!

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3 Responses to Trade Me Tuesday – New Info Please Read ( in purple and red)

  1. Annie says:

    I’m looking for the $1 Vaseline lotion coupons from RP on 11/14 I could use 3 more I’m in Kirkland, WA

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Annie,
    I could have sworn I had 3 of those, but I’m only seeing 2 ‘Save $1 off ANY Vaseline’ and 1 ‘Save $1 on Intense Rescue’.

    If you want these, feel free to email me at girrox_55 at

  3. wendy says:

    Anybody need any baby or pet coupons?

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