Black Friday Shopping Trips ( How Did You Do?)

I didn’t have the money this year to buy anything big and I didn’t really need anything so I just stuck to the drugstores.  I am not super thrilled about any of my trips but I think I got some decent deals at Rite Aid and Walgreens.  I am regretting CVS though.  I only made 1 trip to each of the stores and they were pretty quick.  I am debating whether I will go back for more before the 3 day sales are over.

I would LOVE to hear how your shopping went and what ya got! Please?!?! 🙂



The above picture is my Rite Aid Trip.

(2) Half Gallons of Milk $2.86 (They didn’t have Vitamin D Gallons and thats what I need for Bronson)
(2) Oreos $5.00 (One of Hubby’s favorite snacks!)
(3) Cottonelle Fresh Tubs of Wipes $5.64
(4) Dial Hand Soaps $3.96
Got2B Angel Blow Dry Hair Lotion $4.99 ( I am excited to try this)
Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste $1.77
Colgate 360 Toothbrush $1.77
= $25.99 + $1.15 Tax = $27.14
– $5/$25
– $1.88 ( Free Cottonelle wipes coupon)
– $1.00 ( off Milk WYB Nabisco cookies)
– $1.00 ( $1/2 Nabisco cookies VV)
– $4.00 ( 4 $1.00 Dial from RA Flu book)
– $1.00 ( off 1 Cottonelle wipes VV)
– $1.00 ( $1/2 Cottonelle wipes VV)
– $2.00 (Got2B printable)
– $2.00 ( Got2B VV)
– $1.00 ( Colgate)
– $1.00 ( 360 toothbrush)
– $3.00 +UP reward
= $0.51 ( had a negative subtotal)
Got Back: $6.00 +UPs
Getting Back: $4.99 SCR
Total Profit: $7.99

The above picture is my trip to Walgreens:

Herbal Essence $2.49
Secret body Spray $3.29 ( First time trying this and I LOVE it)
(2) Secret Trial Size deodorant $1.98
Oral-B indicator $2.25
Olay Body Wash $3.49
Old Spice Body Spray $3.99
Zest 3 pk. Bar $2.00
= $19.49 + $1.72 tax = $21.21
– $2.00 ( free Zest WYB Olay body wash from Rouge Mag)
– $2.00 Clairol Family
– $5.00 ( off Olay BW wyb any Secret)
– $3.99 ( free Old Spice WYB 2 secret)
– $0.75 Oral-B indicator
– $0.75 ANY Secret deodorant
– $5.00 Register Rewards
Total = $1.92 ( that was mainly just tax)
Got Back: $13.75 Register Rewards ( I am also using this receipt to go towards the new P&G rebate)
Total Profit: $6.83

Then my pointless waste of money trip 😦  The above pic is my trip to CVS. 2 Reese’s are missing 😉

(2) Reese’s $1.58
(2) Colgate toothpaste $7.98
(2) Herbal Essence Shampoo $7.98
(2) Old Spice deodorant $8.00
= $25.54 + $1.80 tax = $27.34
– $5/25 from my email ( be sure to register your card on to receive coupons via email!)
– $4.00 ( 2 $2 Clairol family)
– $4.00 (BOGO free Old Spice)
– $1.00 (Old Spice)
– $2.00 ( 2 $1 Colgate)
= $11.34 OUCH!  I had no ECB to bring down my total 😦
Got Back: $21.54
Total Profit: $10.20 ( I am also using this receipt towards the new P&G rebate)

Total Spent OOP for the day : $13.77 ( darn CVS trip!)
Total Profit: $25.02

Not my best. Not my worst.  I didn’t need anything that I got from CVS but I guess it was the best way to build up my ECB again.
So how did you do?  Are you happy with your purchases? Did you get carried away? Please share in the comment section above!

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4 Responses to Black Friday Shopping Trips ( How Did You Do?)

  1. wendy says:

    CVS and Wags went well for me. Used the receipts for an olay $20 rebate. I made a profit of $6 at CVS and $34 RR profit at WAGs. However the tax was close to $25 OOP or on gift cards.

    Did RA today and got a lot of stuff, but didn’t make the big money that I usually make. Will get $20 in SCR. We will have to see what counts toward the gift of savings. Spent nothing OOP because I had turned my UP’s into a gift card. Love shopping with a gift card. That would be my Christmas wish. $20 GC to each drugstore to pay tax!

    The Wags ad isn’t very exciting so I will buy Sunday newspapers with RR’s. Any other ideas to spend RR’s?

    • couponlove says:

      Wendy, Holy Register Rewards! lol. $25 in tax must have been a lot of goodies! I am actually just now looking at Walgreens ad and doing write-ups. I will probably just use the RR for a couple newspapers and toilet paper. I will let you know if I find anything good. Doubtful that i will find anything that you haven’t already though.

      I am with ya on the giftcards. I like it so much more when I am paying on a GC then cash. My totals at Rite Aid are usually so low that they GC’s last a while anyway.

      Thanks so much for sharing your trips! Are you planning on going back before the sales are over? I think I want more of the secret body splash!

    • couponlove says:

      Oh and i forgot that i plan to do 2 orders for the organic shampoo and submit for 2 rebates from CVS

      • wendy says:

        I was miserable about my RA trip. My last receipt is really messed up. It was from a store I don’t usually go to, but I will head back there tomorrow.

        When checking the Wags ad would you check out the rebates on the diabetic page. I think there is a $14.99 one and a $9.99 one

        Couldn’t find the organic rebate tags so I didn’t buy them. May recheck them out tomorrow.

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