Walgreens Black Friday Deal Scenario

I have $5.00 RR From doing the Vicks Sinex deal last week and I am sure that many of you do as well so I figured that I would share my shopping plans at Walgreens for tomorrow.  Even if you are starting out without the RR it’s still a money maker. Go here to see the Walgreens Black Friday Deals with coupon match-ups.

Transaction #1

Buy Secret Body Splash $3.49
Buy Olay Bodywash 10 oz ( deal above) $3.49
Buy 2 Secret travel size $1.98 ($0.99 each)
Buy Old Spice Body Spray $3.99
Buy BIC Soleil razors $2.99
Buy Herbal Essence $2.49
= $19.25 ( tax will be around $1.90) = $21.15
Use $5.00 off Olay WYB ANY Secret 10-31 PG
Use Buy 2 Secret get Free Body Spray 10-31 PG
Use $2.00 BIC printable
Use $2.00 Clairol Family 10-31 PG
Use $5.00 RR
= $3.66 ( that includes the estimated tax)
Then get back: $3.49 RR ( secret body splash), $2.50 RR (olay BW), $3.99 RR (OS body spray), $2.00 RR ( BIC razors), $1.50 RR ( Herbal Essence) = $13.48 in Register Rewards!

Transaction #2

Centrum Silver $4.24
Colgate Total $2.99
Crest 3D White toothpaste $2.99
G.U.M Flossers $2.25
Planters Nuts $3.49
(4) Candy Cane Scented Pens $0.20 each with In- ad coupon ( or 4 other very cheap fillers)
= $16.76 ( Tax will be approx. $1.65) = $18.41
Use $1.00 Centrum printable
Use $1.00 Colgate
Use $1.00 Crest
Use $0.75 G.U.M. flossers
Use $1.00 Planters Printable ( if you printed earlier this week)
Use $3.49 RR ( from secret body splash )
Use $1.50 RR ( from Herbal Essence)
Use $2.50 RR ( from Olay BW)
Use $3.99 RR (from Old spice spray)
= $2.18 ( that includes approx. tax)
Then Get Back: $3.25RR ( Centrum Silver), $2.99 RR (Colgate), $2.99RR ( Crest), $2.25 RR ( G.U.M) and $3.49 ( Planters Mail-in rebate) = $11.48 in Register Rewards & $3.49 in Cash ( MIR)

If you stop there then including tax :

Total OOP: $5.84
Total RR started w/ : $5.00
Total RR Left: $11.48
Getting Back: $3.49 cash
Total Profit: $4.13 ( will still be the same profit if you start with no RR but your OOP will be $5.00 higher)

* Then you can just take the Register Rewards from transaction #2 and do transaction #1 again and roll the transactions and RR back and forth 🙂  

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2 Responses to Walgreens Black Friday Deal Scenario

  1. wendy says:

    Where did you get a Centrum coupon that would work?

  2. couponlove says:

    There should be one on the printable link. It says something like on centrum or centrum kids. Sorry hubby took his phone back so I’m stuck on my cell.

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