Share Your Shopping Trips

The picture above is from reader, Kate‘s awesome shopping trips to Rite Aid last week.  She did 4 transactions and paid a total of $4.43 OOP!  She also used $14.99 in UPs and got back $46.00 +UPs!  Um….WOW! 

The second picture is from my most recent Tops trip (earlier last week).  I was pleasantly surprised because I did NOT want to go shopping and was not feeling well but we needed some food in the house.  I won’t break it down but I used a $5/$40 Tops coupon, (5) $1.00 off meat wine tag coupons, a FREE Welch’s Essentials coupon, (2) $4.00 Wholly Guac printables ( they pushed through at face value giving me overage on both!) and coupons for everything else except the candy bars and bread ( was on managers special due to expire date).  My total after store discounts but before coupons was $41.00 and some change and after coupons was $9 even!  I was so happy with that trip because the regular price of the Chicken was almost $9.00. 

* Have you gotten any great deals lately? Please share in the comments section above!  You know I love to hear about your shopping trips! 🙂

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