Walgreens Deals 11/14 – 11/20

Walgreens Corporate Coupon Policy *

RR – Register Rewards – A coupon that prints out after purchasing qualifying item(s) .  You may use these on your next purchase with few exclusions such as lottery, tobacco etc.

You can use register rewards to buy other items that give back register rewards unless it is from the same manufacturer.  If you do than your register reward will not print. For example if you buy a Glade air freshener and get back a $1 RR and use that $1 RR to pay for a Glade candle that is supposed to print a $2 RR than the $2 RR will not print.  BUT if you use the $1 RR from the Glade air freshener and use it to buy a tub of Huggies baby wipes that is supposed to print a $3 RR than the $3RR will print because it is from a different manufacturer.

* Although you “earned” your Register Rewards at Walgreens they are considered Manufacturer coupons ( it will say it at the top) so make sure that the amount of manufacturer coupons(including RR) does not exceed the number of items that you are buying.

IVC – Instant Value Coupon – These are found usually in the front of the store or at the counters and are inside of the monthly booklet of coupons that Walgreens put out. You can use 1 IVC ( walgreens coupon) and 1 manufacturer coupon per item!


Vicks Sinex 20 ct.  2/$10.00 get $5.00 RR WYB 2
$4.00 Sinex 10-10 PG
= 2 for $2.00 AND get back $5.00 RR = $3.00 Money maker after coupons & RR!

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice 25.4 oz. 2/$6.00
$2/2 Printable
$1.00/2 IVC ( Walgreens November Coupon Booklet)
= 2 for $3.00 ( $1.50 each) after printable & Store coupon!

Gain Dish Liquid 11 oz. $0.89 With In-Ad Coupon
$1.00 Gain 10-10 PG
= Free after in-ad coupon & Manufacturer coupon!

Kids-EEZE Cough & Cold Reflief 12ct. $4.99 get $4.99 RR
= Free after Register Rewards!

Ecotrin Low Dose 45 ct. $1.99 With In-Ad Coupon
$2.00 Ecotrin Printable ( register for coupons)
$2.00 Ecotrin 10-10 RP
= Free after in-ad coupon & manufacturer coupon!


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10 Responses to Walgreens Deals 11/14 – 11/20

  1. Jennifer says:

    I went to Walgreens tonight and saved $25.00, which I was pretty proud of (new coupon addict.) However, I was very dissatisfied when the cashier told me the “new” Walgreens policy only allows for 1 RR per transaction. I politely pulled the coupon policy out of my purse and asked her to show me. Although she couldn’t, she still would not honor more than one at the time. I spoke to Walgreens corporate customer service when I returned home. The lady didn’t give me a definite “yes you can use more than one” or a “no, one is all.” I find it a hassle to have to make 10 trips into Walgreens to use my RR. What does it really matter if you break your purchases up? I have read other blogs where they combined RR and I too have done so in the last few weeks, up until tonight. Do you know a definite answer to this, and if there is something on the coupon policy I am missing?

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Jennifer! Your cashier was misinformed although unfortunately Walgreens customer service isn’t of much help either. You CAN use more than 1 RR in a transaction as long as the number of coupons that you have does not exceed the number of items you are buying since RR are considered a manufacturer coupon & not a Walgreens coupon. So basically you were right and the cashier was wrong. I would just try avoiding that cashier on future trips if at all possible since she likes to make up her own rules apparently. BTW CONGRATS on saving $25! That is awesome!!!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Amanda~ I have just basically decided I will break everything into several transactions, and split them apart on the counter, pay for them separately, and use a RR for each transaction~ A headache for sure, but there are ways of getting around rude, uneducated cashiers that pretend it’s costing THEM money. Thanks for all your help~ love the blog!

  3. wendy says:

    Congrats, Jennifer!

    I really think you didn’t have the right number of items to go with the coupons. If you don’t have enough items the coupons will beep. (When this happens they look at you with that “oh well” look.) Just smile and say, “add this.” Look for discounted items around the store such as mark down Halloween stuff.

  4. Kate says:

    I did a pretty good trip (not my best, but considering I got some things I wanted/needed…):

    Tran #1:
    2 Sinex
    2 Ecotin (I really like getting free Aspirin for my dad)
    =$1.98 total, got back a $5RR

    Tran 2:
    5 Royal Jello – various colors/flavors (mom makes rainbow jello for the holidays)
    2 French’s crispy onion things (Mom was going to pay a lot more for these…)
    1 gallon of milk
    1 Mac and Cheese
    1 Wags. brand Aluminum Foil
    = $0.11 (and used my $5RR)

    So, $2.11 for everything… the Milk cost $2.19 alone 😛 And my mom was going to buy those French’s onion rings for probably around $2+

    Btw – I used coupons from some insert that were $1/1 French’s onion thing. It expires 11/15 – if you have them, they’re FREE. ($0.99each with in-ad coupon)

    • couponlove says:

      You had a great trip! Even if you didn’t end up with any RR afterward I think it’s more important to look at your OOP and hardly paid anything! Great job! Thanks so much for the heads up on the french’s fried onions. I am not sure how i missed that one. The $1 coupons came from the 9-12 SS.

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  6. Kate says:

    I didn’t want any RR back actually. I don’t do Walgreens and I never get out that way. I do Rite Aid and CVS, but not Walgreens.
    I went mostly to pick up the onions and jello for Thanksgiving dinner and figured since I had 2 Sinex coupons and 2 Ecotrin, I might as well pick up a few more items with the profits.

    Thanks for posting the deals, Amanda! I really appreciate it 🙂

    • couponlove says:

      Thank YOU, Kate! You are such a help to me and I am sure other readers as well! If you weren’t in college I would tell you that you should start a blog of your own ( I would follow it!!!) but it is SOOO much work and you probably wouldn’t have time now. If you do ever decide to start one then please let me know!

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