Name Brand Vs. Store Brand

With the economy in the condition that it is, more and more consumers are replacing their name brand items with the store brand.  In most cases one would assume that their reason for doing this is because they feel it is a cheaper price.  Generally store brand items are marked at a lower everyday price then the name brand. 

My question for you is:  Do you feel that you are getting the same quality when buying a store brand item as you would with the name brand product but at a lower price?    

When it comes to quality of the product it really does depend on what it is.  In most cases you can tell if something is the name brand or not.  This isn’t always true though.  The store brands are usually made from the exact same ingredients as the name brand item so the only difference may be the fancy label.  This is especially true for OTC medicine.

 As for me personally I can be a brand name snob about certain items.  Some things that I just HAVE to have brand name are toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, cereal, pop, razors and  baby wipes.  Most other things I could care less either way as long as it is the cheapest price that I can find.  It is rare that I buy anything that isn’t name brand though since I am blessed with the knowledge of pairing coupons with sales.  This actually makes most of my products free or much cheaper than any store brand item would be. 

I have to admit that I find it frustrating when I read articles online, in newspapers etc. where the authors are saying that people should forget about using coupons and just buy store brand items because it is cheaper.  Unless you are new to this site and new to using coupons then I think you will agree that that is horrible advice!  I would not be able to afford to feed my family if I just bought store brand products and didn’t use any coupons.  I would have to go back to eating a cheeseburger off of McDonald’s dollar menu for dinner every day.  This is why stockpiling an item that you have a good coupon for when it is on sale is so important.  Then you don’t have to worry about running out of a particular item and being forced to buy the store brand since it would probably be your cheapest option without a sale and coupon. 

So I want to know what you think about this.  Do you prefer the taste of name brand over store brand?  Do you have certain products that you will only buy name brand?  Is it cheaper in your opinion to just buy the store brand and leave the coupons at home?  Please share your comments with us!  I would love to hear your take on the subject.

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8 Responses to Name Brand Vs. Store Brand

  1. Annie says:

    I have found SINCE becoming what I call a ‘serial couponer’ that store brands are normally a bad deal in my mind. BUT certain items my fiance prefers – like Safeway creamer – its his favorite – so I tend to buy it when it goes on safeway coupon 🙂 othertimes – we do whats cheapest – but the skills I learned couponing (aka stock piling and learning how often it goes on coupon) have allowed me to get what he likes.
    The other question – store brand vs name brand – sometimes I notice a difference and other times I do not – it really depends.. toilet paper is my vice – must have charmin or other brand similiar..

  2. Elizabeth Stone says:

    It depends on the product. I am game to try the store brands, at least give them a try. But sometimes, I end up going back to the brand name. Example: recently decided to give Wegmans ketchup a try, it was 50 cents less than Heinz. Brought it home tried it and after a few times decided, I like Heinz better. The taste was pretty much the same, but the Wegmans was not as thick, a little on the runny side.

    Also, tried the Wegmans mayonnaise vs. Hellmans, went back to Hellmans. I thought the Hellmans was creamier and also tasted better.

    Just my two cents.

  3. ashley says:

    It depends on the product. I like most of the Wegmans brand products I have tried. I actually prefer the store brand cinnamon rolls they sell and Aldis over Pillsbury.

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