Restaurant.Com – 80% Off Code is once again offering a code for 80% off which means that you will get a $25.00 Certificate for just $2.00!  *Use promo code GIVE * PLUS go through Ebates to get 15% cash back on your purchase(s) at plus a $5 bonus for signing up with Ebates

For an even sweeter deal be sure to purchase the Dinner of The Month Club for just $24.00 after you enter promo code GIVE!  With the Dinner of the Month Club you get (12) $25 Certificates and an bonus $50 certificate….that means you will only have paid $24 for $350 worth of restaurant certificates!  Your total will be even less if you go through ebates because you will get 15% cash back on your purchase(s) at and $5.00 for signing up if you are a new Ebates member!

* If you are unfamiliar with Ebates, read my post here.

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4 Responses to Restaurant.Com – 80% Off Code

  1. Katrina Hess says:

    This is in no way related to the post, but you are able to use wine tags in western ny? i thought we were not aloud to use them here (im in wester ny also) because NY doesnt offer them. I guess i was missinformed.

  2. couponlove says:

    Hi Katrina. Yes you can use them as long as ny isn’t restricted on the coupon. Some will say “valid only in…” Etc. Hope that helps clear things us a bit. I had used a wine tag coupon the other day and there weren’t any state exclusions and it didn’t beep either. Now go get trade for some wine tags! 🙂

  3. Precious says:

    Thanks for the post on this. There was a restaurant that I wanted to get and I was able to snag one.

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