Target – Looks Like Our Problems MAY Be Going Away ( for now)

Below is an urgent email that was sent to ALL Target stores regarding their coupon glitch with coupons.

To ensure every guest receives the full value for each coupon, we are introducing a temporary coupon redemption process effective immediately. We expect to have this systematically resolved within the next 10 days.

NEW! Temporary Coupon Redemption Process
1. Make eye contact with the guest, smile and give a sincere greeting.
2. Ask each guest at the beginning of the transaction ‘Do you have any coupons today?’
3. Set the coupons aside until the end of the transaction
4. Scan all items
5. Process coupons one by one and check to ensure full value of each coupon was applied. If needed, adjust coupon amount by selecting
a) Discounts
b) Manufacturer coupon
c) Key in the remaining coupon amount

Your immediate implementation of the above process will ensure we are providing a great guest experience.

The following resources are attached to verify that all team members understand the new coupon redemption process.
o Coupon Redemption Process Verification Sheet – The LOD must connect with every team member that will/may cashier on their shift to review the new temporary process prior to their shift.
o Coupon Redemption Process Instruction Sheet– Print, cut and post the small instruction sheet so it is visible to the cashier at each POS register to remind cashiers of the new coupon process.
o Time Clock Alert sign – Post the sign immediately at all time clocks to ensure all team members check in with their LOD to learn about the new coupon redemption process.

· Immediately
o Print all attachments.
o Post the Time Clock Alert sign at each time clock.
o Post the Coupon Redemption Process instruction sheet at every POS register, including Electronics, Pharmacy, Food locations, etc.
o Print a master team member roster list for your store and staple to the Coupon Redemption Process Verification Sheet to your list.
o With each team member that will/may cashier, complete the following:
· Review the new process from Coupon Redemption Process Verification Sheet.
· Place a check mark next to each team member name on the roster that they have read and understand the new process.
· Forward roster to each LOD until each person has been contacted.

Additional Details
· POS Cashier Speed-O-Meter will be turned off temporarily to accommodate for extra processing time. The Cashier Speed % metrics on DTK will also reflect green only (no metrics) as well.
· As a result of media attention, stores may see an increase in regulatory agency visits. Following any visit, the Regulatory Visit Form should be completed to recap the visit – Workbench I Shared Tools I Forms I Regulatory Visit Form and a mySupport submitted.

* Thanks!

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2 Responses to Target – Looks Like Our Problems MAY Be Going Away ( for now)

  1. Didi says:

    I went to Target last weekend after not being there in… I can’t even remeber. Bought the 4 Shick Hydro, 2 Digiorno’s pizza and 2 California single..
    3 of my coupons didn’t even apply even though the cashier and I both were watching…
    So… here I go again to CS. They were amazing about it, but nevertheless, I still had to waste my time!!!!

    • couponlove says:

      UGH! I remember the days when I could get $100 worth of stuff and leave paying $6.00 and then submit my receipts for like $20 in rebates. Target used to be the greatest! I haven’t been there in months!

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