Plans & Scenarios

Where are you planning on making shopping trips to next week? 

I will probably make 1 quick trip to CVS to price check the Sunsweet apricots ( Grandma loves these) and see if they will be a better deal there or at Walgreens.  I will also pick up the free Gain & some of the Depends for a family member. 

I MAY make a trip to Walgreens but probably not until late in the week.  I want some of the canned Pumpkin and Sunsweet apricots if they are cheaper there than at CVS. 

I will definitely be going to Rite Aid for the deal scenario that I listed at the bottom of this post.  I will also do another transaction with all of the rest of the deals from my write-ups. 

I plan to make a trip to Tops to do the Quaker deal and pick up some free Glory Foods Veggies ( most of them are free even without the sale though).  If I can get some trades set up early enough then I will try to get some of the 20 cent Pillsbury Brownie Mix as well. 

I am low on food and will more than likely make a trip to Wegmans as well later in the week once I get my list up to date and figure out the good deals.

So what about you?  Come up with any good deal scenarios?

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3 Responses to Plans & Scenarios

  1. Kate says:

    Hey, I just stopped by CVS (the one on UB North campus) and wanted to let you know that the Sunsweet Apricots are priced at $5.49 each.
    So, that would make them $2.75 each next week (before coupons)

    (I think the Sunsweet raisins that are also part of this deal are $3.49 each normally.)

  2. Kate says:

    Btw – I don’t know why, but Tops accepted my first 3 Glory coupons and beeped at the 4th
    (same thing happened to my dad at a different Tops).
    I bought 4 Glory Red Beans and Rice @ $1.69 each = $6.76 total.
    The cashier pushed it through for me – my dad’s cashier wouldn’t.

    • couponlove says:

      Thanks for checking, Kate! It is a better deal at Walgreens then. I wonder why the Glory coupons are beeping on the 4th?!? I don’t think they did that when the coupon first came out. hmmmm….

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