Guest Post By Alex @ Living Without Money

Over at Living Without Money, there are posts about what I do every day to save money.  It’s not only a case of me being a cheapskate, it’s just that I like to get the most out of what I don’t have to spend on the mortgage, health insurance, the cars, etc.   We pay our bills and then there isn’t a whole lot to go around when it comes to keeping our bellies full and clothes on our back.  Our number one priority is saving for retirement – which we can do by cutting corners on daily expenses. Number two is good health.

Have you ever spent $6.99 on a store-bought apple pie and not been so happy about the thick syrupy goop the fruit is in? I have!  I’ve also purchased a fruit-packed apple pie from a farm stand – for $15 bucks!  Instead, I suggest we forget about Martha Stewart and buy two boxes of Jiffy pie crust mix and go get a bag of apples from the produce section or farm stand.  The Jiffy mix means we don’t have to buy butter.  The apples are great to have on hand because we can pulverize the cores and skin.  I feed them to my dog – but you can use them to thicken batter, soups, gravy, etc. if you want an apple taste.  Whenever you see a commercial product that has filler and thickeners, it’s generally wood or paper pulp.  Your apple waste will be healthier than that!  The best part; is that your pie will cost you about 4 bucks and taste as good as the $15 farm stand offering! You could also just boil up the apple cores and peels and use the water to make pancakes – using a ready-mix. When you’re cutting up strawberries, whizz up the hulls in the food processor for your dog.  The mixture can go into batter too – muffins or pancake comes first to mind.  The best batter has a little bit of mashed up fruit along with whole pieces.  

I’m always chilly in the winter.  My head gets cold at night in bed, when I’m out walking the dog, etc.  I could buy myself ear warmers – or I could cut the neck off of old turtle necks.  I find hubby’s old shirts work great for that!  I’m a runner and I sweat a lot.  By re-using the necks from old turtle necks, I have a head band I can wash after each run.   Beauty pros say we should put moisturizer on our heels and elbows at night, and then cover them up. Wearing socks to bed makes my feet sweat and I end up taking them off.  Good thing I always have a pair of sweat socks with holes! I can cut off the toes and slide them on – even over my elbows.  My feet don’t get so hot and sweaty that way and the moisturizer on my elbows won’t mess up my sheets!

Skin care experts are touting vitamin B and ceramides as a way to prevent aging on our most vulnerable areas.  Have you seen the price of neck cream lately?  Luckily, I’ve found that most leave-in hair conditioning treatments have these nutrients – at a fraction of the price of costly cosmetic creams.  Each night I put some L’Oreal Everpure leave-in conditioner on my neck.  It was $5.99 and I had a $3 coupon (earning extra care bucks in the bargain).  A gal might not be able to afford anti-aging spa treatments, but she’s not without options if she’s got coupons! When I’m dressed up at a party and my skin looks good, no one’s going to know whether I paid 40 or 4 bucks to keep the skin on my neck smooth.  

These are the ways I manage to exist without going into debt.  We cut corners and get creative with the way we use (and re-use) products.  We’re not Living WITHOUT Money literally, but we’re certainly not wasting it.  My motto probably ought to be “A dollar’s not a dollar unless you get $1.50 out of it!”

FROM COUPON LOVE –  I would like to thank, Alex,  for taking the time to write this post for Coupon Love and for being “Blog of the Week” !  I hope that you all enjoy Living Without Money ( the Blog…hee hee) as much as I do!

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  1. Precious says:

    I Love Alex’s blog!

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