Free 4-Pack Of Red Bull ( On College Campuses 11/4)

This is a neat way to get a freebie.  Red Bull is giving away free 4-packs of their Red Bull Energy Drinks at select College Campuses.  Here’s what it says on their site:

Thursday is the new Friday, so let’s give it some wiiings! On Thursday, November 4th, Red Bull Wings Team Members will be at hundreds of colleges across the US to help get the party started by supplying a Red Bull 4 pack for you and your friends. Select your school if it is listed in the drop down menu and enter your mobile number. Then, on Thursday, November 4th, we’ll send you a text message to reveal the secret location of our Wings Team on or near your campus. Supplies are limited…your 4 pack of wiiings will be delivered on a first come, first served basis. Chill, drink, fly!

So just go here and click on the “University” drop down menu to see if there is a participating school near you.  If so choose which school you want and then enter your mobile number so that you can receive your text message later today telling you where o get your free 4-pack

*Thanks The Coupon Project!

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