Frugal Tip – Use Plastic Shopping Bags In Place Of Trash Bags


In this economy we all need to be careful with our money and saving is smart.  I am always trying to find more ways to save money and have found a ton of useful tips over the last few years that I will be sharing with you all.  You may already be doing many of the things that I will mention in this post each week and some may seem like common sense to you but perhaps it may not have occurred to someone else which is why I am mentioning it.  I will not post using coupons as a frugal tip, however, since I am assuming that most if not all of the readers of CouponLove use them. 

Every week I will post one “frugal tip” that I think may benefit some of you.  Just because I am posting about a particular money saving idea does not necessarily mean that my family and I put it into practice.  Some things that work for you may not work for others.  You may even find some of these ideas to be extreme for you and your family’s needs.  Either way I hope that I can help some of you find new ways to cut costs on your daily activities.

Frugal Tip :  Instead of buying garbage bags, consider using plastic shopping bags that you get from the grocery store and elsewhere. 

My Personal Opinion:  I have HAD to do this more times than I can count!  It can be a pain because you have to take out the garbage more frequently but it is worth it.  Plastic shopping bags are free and if you have a bunch from shopping trips then why not re-use them?!

Level of savings when frugal tip is put into practice:  The savings are pretty great if you  stop buying garbage bags for a whole year and just re-use your plastic shopping bags.

* Leave a comment below and tell us if you practice this frugal tip already or if you think you will give it a try and what your thoughts are on it.

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2 Responses to Frugal Tip – Use Plastic Shopping Bags In Place Of Trash Bags

  1. Alex says:

    EVERY small trash can in our house is lined with a plastic shopping bag. We use them for poop patrol too. Anytime I’m cutting up meat, the old tray or bones go into one of those bags and immediately outside — I don’t need items that will quickly spoil sitting in the garbage inside. I keep one hanging on a doorknob or chair spindle or cabinet handle to collect my deposit cans and bottles. In fact, I segregate the bottles into different bags so it’s easier when it comes time to feed them into the machines! I double wrap meat that’s thawing in those bags too.

    Some stores have better quality bag than others. I am careful which ones I pick up poop with…

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