– Possible Free Love-Box By Durex + More

I just received an email from asking me if I knew of any friends between the ages of 18 – 30 that would be interested in receiving 16 stylishly designed tins, each with 3 Durex® condoms inside, plus all of the other goodies we’ve included for your insight and information.  I know that I have several friends/readers that might love to share these with their Hubby & friends.  If so click here to sign up and see if you will qualify for these goodies 🙂  Let us know if you do! is a product testing community made up of consumers like you.  You will get opportunities to try products for free ( * read my latest post on product testing for more information) and in return you are asked to share your experiences with others and pass out some of the freebies and coupons that are sent to you.

Here are some of the perks about being a member…
* Be the first to sample new products and experiences.
* Share your likes and dislikes about some of your favorite brands through Connect
* Although you do NOT earn money from, you can earn status promotions as an active and informative member. Improved status allows you to sign up for more missions, as well as early invites to some of their popular ones plus you may receive rewards and special offers from popular brands and merchants.

There are 5 status levels at
Level 1: Everyone begins here.
Level 2: When you complete your first mission, you advance to Level 2.
Level 3: You reach level 3 at 5 missions and 300 smiles (see below for info on smiles)
Level 4: After 20 missions and 1000 smilies, you’re really a VIP. You’ll shape the very future of by participating in the Leadership Panel, moderating on Connect, and more.
Level 5: The cream of our crop are hand selected to become Level 5 members. Top rewards are reserved for top members.

Smiles are the currency of and can be earned in the following ways…
-Becoming a Member
-Completing Profile Surveys
-Logging In
-Creating a Connect
-Adding Content to a Connect
-Completing Missions
-Recruiting new members

NOTE: This is my first “mission” with so I don’t have any experiences to share with you although I have read about a TON of other members that love this program!

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7 Responses to – Possible Free Love-Box By Durex + More

  1. Karleigh says:

    Id love a pack!

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  4. Becky says:

    Hi there! I’m a Community Manager with and just wanted to thank you for the post about us and the Durex Love Box missioon! We wouldn’t be able to succeed without members like you! We appreciate all the support from our members 🙂

    Thank you and keep up the good work! And keep an eye out for emails from about new missions!


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