Rite Aid Deals 10/31 – 11/06 * Including Toy Story 3 DVD Scenario For Just $1.89*

SCR– Single Check Rebate – When you buy qualifying purchase(s) than you can submit your receipts online ( sign up for the SCR program here) and within a few days you should see your rebate listed in your SCR account.  If you plan on doing more than 1 SCR deal for that month then you have to wait until you have done all of the SCR deals and they are showing up in your account before you request your check. YOU CAN ONLY REQUEST YOUR CHECK ONCE PER MONTH!  You will still get your rebates even if you use coupons.  The total counts BEFORE coupons ( LOVE IT!).

UP+ REWARDS- These are like store money that print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You may use as many Up+ rewards as you want until your total reaches $0. You CAN use an up reward from one purchase to buy another from the same manufacturer and you will get another up+ reward. 

**You need to sign up for a Wellness+ card to take advantage of the Up+ reward program.  You can sign up in store or online.  Just ask a cashier for a Wellness card.

VV-Video Values- Go here and watch different videos every month.  Each video gives you a certain amount of VV credits and allows you to print a coupon.  Although these say manufacturer coupon at the top they are infact considered Rite Aid store coupons and may be used with manufacturer coupons on an item. Once you reach 20 VV credits you can print out a coupon for $4 off of your purchase of $20.  You can hand this coupon over before all other coupons for great savings!

***Don’t forget you can print out a coupon for  $4/$20 here for reaching 20 video credits and also (2) $1/$1 purchase coupons whichcan be used on any of the following deals! ***

Tide Detergent 2x liquid 50 oz. or Stain Release 18 ct. $5.88 get $1.00 +UP
$2.00 Tide Stain Release 10-31 PG
$1.00 Tide Detergent 10-31 PG
= $4.88 – $3.88 AND get back $1.00 +UP = $2.88 – $3.88 after coupon & +UP!

K-Y Lubricants $19.99 – $29.99 (regular retail) get $7.00 +UP
$5.00 K-Y Kissable Sensations or Yours + Mine lubricant October Video Value ( no longer available to watch)
$5.00 K-Y Intense October Video Value ( no longer available to watch)
$5.00 K-Y Manufacturer Printable
= as low as $2.99 after VV coupon, manufacturer coupon & +UP!  
**Grab a filler item and use a $4/$20 VV coupon
* If you have the 10% or 20% with your card then keep that in mind before you check out as your total may go below zero depending on the coupons that you use!

Advil Congestion Relief 10 ct. $4.99 get $1.00 +UP
$2.00 printable
$1.00 Rite Aid Video Value printable
= $1.99 AND get $1.00 +UP = $0.99 after coupons & +UP!

St. Ives Skincare $3.99 get $3.00 SCR
$1 St. Ives lotion 9-19 SS ( EXPIRES 10/31!)
= $2.99 AND get back $3.00 SCR = Free after coupon & SCR!

Combos 2/$3.00 get $1.00 +UP WYB 2
$1/2 Combos 9-12 RP
= $2.00 AND get back $1.00 +UP = $1.00 for 2 ( $0.50 each) after coupon & +UP!

Febreze Noticables Warmer $2.49 get $1.00 +UP
$3.00 Febreze warmer 9-26 PG ( EXPIRES 10/31!)
= Free AND get back $1.00 +UP= $1.00 Money Maker after coupon & +UP!

Tide Stain Release 20 oz. $3.99 get $1.00 +UP
$2.00 Tide Stain Release 10-31 PG
= $1.99 AND get $1.00 +UP = $0.99 after coupon & +UP!

Buy $30.00 worth select products get $5.00 +UP ( LIMIT 1)
* The following deals are products that also qualify for this deal*

Neuragen PN or gel $24.99 get $5.00 SCR
$10 Neuragen PN 10-10 RP
$5.00 Neuragen Rite Aid Video Value Printable
= $9.99 AND get back $5.00 SCR = $4.99 after both coupons & SCR!  
* Use a $/$$ coupon for greater savings!

One Touch Delica Lancing Device $19.99
Free One Touch Delica Lancing Device 10-31 SS
= Free after coupon!

Kendall Bandages 2/$7.00 get $3.00 SCR wyb 2
$2 printable from coupons.com ( no longer available to print)
= $3.00 AND get back $3.00 SCR= free after coupons & SCR!

Stride SIngle Packs BOGO free
Buy one Stride get 1 Stride Shift free 5-16 SS ( EXPIRES 10/31!)
= 2 free after coupon!

DEAL IDEA #1 * Must be done on Sunday*
Buy (2) One Touch Delica Lancing Device $39.98
Buy St. Ives Lotion $3.99
Buy Febreze Noticables Warmer $2.49
Buy (2) Tide Stain Release $7.98
= $54.44
Use $4/$20 Video Value Printable (use $5/$25 if you have it printed)
Use (2) Free One Touch Delica
Use $1 St. Ives
Use $3.00 Febreze warmer
Use (2) $2.00 Tide Stain Release
Use (2) $1/$1 Video Value Printables
= $0.46 AND get back $3.00 SCR, $5.00 +UP, (3) $1.00 +UPs = Free + a Money Maker of $10.54!

DEAL IDEA #2 ( Toy Story 3 scenario available 11/02)
Buy Toy Story 3 DVD $19.99
Buy Reese’s ( or other candy bar) $0.44
= $20.43
Use $4/$20 Video Values Printable
Use $1/$1 Video Values Printable
Use $8.00 +UPs from scenario #1(above)
= $7.43 AND get back $3.00 +UP = $4.43 after coupons & + UP!

So after all is said and done your weekly totals ( if you did the above transactions) would be :

$74.87 worth of products
$7.89 Out of Pocket ( + tx) * you can of course use any +UPs to lower your OOP
$3.00 coming back in SCR ( actual cash!!)
$3.00 in Up Rewards remaining to use on future trips
= $1.89 for EVERYTHING from Deal Idea #1 & #2 ( including the Toy Story 3 DVD!)

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4 Responses to Rite Aid Deals 10/31 – 11/06 * Including Toy Story 3 DVD Scenario For Just $1.89*

  1. Stacy says:

    Where do you find the (2) free one touch coupons?

  2. Jay says:

    Tried the delica scenario, didn’t produce the diabetes up reward. Mgr said I can’t use coupons, I asked him why this has been so inconsistent. He said sorry, it’s confusing. Any thoughts? Corp says coupons don’t impact the up rewards. What gives? If the coupons out there, why wouldn’t we use if toward the $30?? I don’t need 5 glucose monitors because that’s the only way I could end up at $30.

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Jay! Coupons do NOT impact the UP rewards but for some reason the One Touch Delica isn’t printing the $5.00 UP reward even though it is stated in the ad that it will. If the manager wouldn’t give it to you then corporate will. Just call tomorrow and they will mail it to you. You can always just try returning them and re-buying them when a different manage is on duty and explain what happened. THen if the $5 still does not print hopefully that manage will give you a $5.00 gift card like they are supposed to do when the UPs don’t print!
      I have been hearing all day that no one got the UPs for the One Touch’s. There will be a lot of calls to corporate tomorrow so I am sure it will be fixed and programmed correctly in the registers later in the week.

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