KMart – Toy Catalog With Over $175.00 Of Coupons Inside

KMart will have a new toy catalog with over $175.00 in KMart store coupons which should be available at the front service desk starting 10/31!  These coupons are valid from 10/31 – 11/24.

Here’s a list of the coupons found in the toy catalog:

$5.00 off U Build Monopoly, U Build Sorry or U Build Connect 4
$5.00 off Lego Hero Factory Blaze Bike or Lego World Racers Race Car
$5.00 off Kung Zhu Battle Arena
$5.00 off Hot Wheels criss Cross Crash or RC Stealth Rides
$5.00 Bratz Talking Doll or Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Cabin
$5.00 off Baby Alive All Gone Dolls
$5.00 off Select Liv After School Dolls, Liv After School Cool Playset, Liv Eco-Lodge
$5.00 off Any Pictured Chuck Truck (Chuck’s Stunt Park, Rumblin’ chuck Truck, Chuck’s Bridge Stunt Set, Chuck Wheel Pals 15 pack)
$5.00 off Tron Deluxe Light Cycle or Toy Story Action Links Deluxe Playset
$5.00 off Tag Alien
$5.00 off Alphie Robot
$5.00 off Orbeez Magic Maker
$5.00 off Barbie Video Girl Doll
$5.00 off Furreal Go Go My Walkin’ Pet
$5.00 off Loopz or Apples to Apples party Game
$5.00 off Cars Wrastlin’ Ring or Pinston Cup Garage

$10.00 off Thomas Zip ‘n Zoom Logging Adventure Playset or Thomas World of Sodor Complete Playset
$10.00 off Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck
$10.00 off Bakumeter, Ultimate Weapon Dragonoid, TRA Battle Ops Bumblebee, Star wars Hailfire Droid Vehicle
$10.00 off Tonka Monster Ricochet RC
$10.00 off IM2 Real walking Iron Man or TS3 Deluxe Wing Pack
$10.00 off Tangle Fairytale Tower

$15.00 off Air Hogs Hawk Eye, TS Andy’s Toy Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear

$20.00 off Mattel Mindflex

20% off Moon Dough Small theme Kit Assortment or Magic Barnyard

Additional Special’s Listed Inside Catalog

B1G1 FREE wyb Play Doh Fun Factory Get Play Doh 4 pack FREE

15% off Leapster Explorer Software: Dora the Explorer (1663920) or Penguins of Madagascar (1663921)

Save $15.00 on any Nerf purchase of $60.00 or more and you will get a FREE Nerf Ammo 16 pack wyb any product listed (value of $4.99) limit of 5. Only the items listed below:

Nerf Stampede (2351803) @ $49.99
Nerf N-Strike Deploy CD-6 (1955056) @ $19.99
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike (58098111) @ $34.99
Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire (43675899) @ $29.99
Nerf N-Strike Recon CD-6 (95006911) @ $19.99
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan (68921811) @ $39.99


* Thanks Cheapest Mom!


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