This or That: CVS Vs. Rite Aid



Two Weeks Ago Last week I wrote the Pros and Cons of shopping at both CVS & Walgreens.  Only Kate  “voted” and her choice was CVS.  I also chose CVS which means that this week CVS is taking on Rite Aid 🙂

My Choice would be CVS.  It is VERY close though.  I get much better deals at Rite Aid with all of the Video Values coupons, SCRs, +UP rewards and $/$$ coupons lately but as I have said before, CVS will always have a special place in my heart!  It is where my coupon addiction started!      

Pros of shopping at CVS: ( if you read my post last week, then this is the same) 


  1. Most cashiers are educated on their coupon policy.
  2. They practically beg you to scan your card at the “coupon machine” to get store coupons (which often result in free items) .
  3. They allow you to use a manufacturer coupon AND a CVS store coupon on a single item.
  4. They will sometimes email, send though postal mail and/or produce $/$$ coupons from the registers/coupon scanner.
  5. You get back 2% back in Extra Bucks on your purchases each quarter.
  6. They have some really great clearance deals that you can find.
  7. If something is out of stock you can get a raincheck with no hassle and it can be used at ANY CVS location & NEVER expires PLUS you will still get the Extra Bucks if the deal was for an offer with Extra Bucks.
  8. Most locations will start the sales for the next week on Saturday evening.  This is  a plus if you want to get something that offers ECBs before it sells out if you won’t be able to make it out early Sunday. 
  9. They have a price checker ( same machine as coupon kiosk) so that you don’t have to wait in line to ask a cashier for a price check. 
  10. Extra Bucks have 1 month until they expire so you don’t have to rush out to use them.
  11. You can “roll” your ECBs.
  12. It doesn’t matter if you are buying just 1 item, you can use as many ECBs as you want until your subtotal reaches $0.00. 


Pros of shopping at Rite Aid:


  1. Their store reward card ( Wellness card) allows you to get to different levels depending on the amount of money you spend.  You can get as much as 20% off of every day non sale items.   
  2. They allow the use of a manufacturer coupon AND a Rite Aid coupon
  3. Their +Up reward offers are unlimited again (for now) which allows you to really stock up on an item for free or cheap.
  4. They have the Video Values program which allows you to print out store coupons when you watch short videos about different products. 
  5. They often put out $/$$ coupons whether it be through the Video Values program or pdf coupons.
  6. They have the Single Check Rebate ( SCR) program which allows you get actual money back on your purchases.  The single check rebates are better than other rebates because you don’t have to use a stamp to mail in your receipt which means that you can also use that same receipt to use on a mail in rebate and get even more money back!
  7. For the most part, the cashiers seem to know Rite Aid’s coupon policy and if they don’t the coupon policy is very user friendly and you should print it and bring it with you to the store just in case.
  8. You can “roll” your +Up rewards.
  9. It doesn’t matter if you are buying just 1 item, you can use as many +Ups as you want until your subtotal reaches $0.00. 


Cons of Shopping at CVS: ( If you read my post last week, then this is the same)


  1. The ECB are limited per card, often at a limit of just 1.
  2. You have to have a CVS Extra Care card to get in on the deals ( I don’t personally mind the card but some do)
  3. CVS doesn’t seem to have as many store locations as Walgreens does.


Cons of Shopping at Rite Aid:


  1. They don’t have a price checker.  For some, that may not matter but it makes life SO much easier when checking prices on unadvertised deals that we all find from bloggers and other deal sites.
  2. Things seem to be changing often lately so we never know how long something may last ( ie. We used to be able to print & use multiple VV coupons and now it is 1 per video value account.)
  3. Can anyone think of any more?


So….there is my opinion. 

Which store do you prefer between CVS & Rite Aid?  Why?  Do you have something to add to the “pros” and “cons” list that I came up with above? 

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7 Responses to This or That: CVS Vs. Rite Aid

  1. Teressa says:

    I am new to riteaid (two months) cvs and ra are running a tight race but so far for me ra is winning. I am liking ra

  2. Felicia says:

    RA. I don’t shop CVS b/c I don’t have one close enough. But I am sure I would like it.

  3. Annie says:

    Rite Aid – No CVS here 🙂 (so thats probably not all that fair)

  4. silvia o says:

    My vote goes to Rite Aid! Only because they have more ways of saving money like (+up rewards, single check rebates, video value coupons and the 20% discount that I get every time I shop with my wellness card) which I love!! 🙂

  5. TRISTAN says:

    I vote CVS our Rite aids have started really cracking down on coupons, you will not get a single penny of overage and they are now limiting the amount of items you can purchase in a day… I know that is there right according to corporate but it still sucks! All of my cvs’ are amazing (even though we have horrible clearance) they are great about q’s and never harrass you!

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