Guest Post By Cheryl @ SimplyCVS

I would like to thank Amanda for featuring Simply CVS here at CouponLove.  CVS is definitely my favorite place to coupon and anyone who knows me knows this.  After saving over $3000 in one year and paying only pennies a week,  I was constantly trying to teach people how to save money while shopping at CVS and finding myself typing up the best deals and emailing friends so they’d know what to do.  I’d also alert them of any hot deals I found while surfing couponing websites.
Then I joined a couple of years of ago and, if you are not familiar with them, they offer members the opportunity to make subject specific groups.  You guessed it, I began a CVS group and posted lessons, hints and deals.  This lead to constantly being told I should start a CVS blog.  I knew nothing of blogs except things my daughters’ would share they were reading on blogs and from visiting Frugality Is Free, a Gather friend’s blog, but that was my whole exposure to the blogging world. Until March of this year.
In March I signed up for a blog and began designing Simply CVS.  I wanted to design a place where readers could find all the deals, coupon match-ups, news, hints, tips and lessons needed to be successful at CVSing in an easy to navigate site.  I realized not everyone has time to visit couponing boards and wade thru the posts and comments to see what is up at CVS and if I could do the leg work and bring it all together in one spot it would help a lot of busy people still be able to save hundreds each month as I was doing.  So on April 4, 2010 Simply CVS went public.
I would love to have you stop by and take a look at Simply CVS.  There are Beginner’s Lessons, tips and tricks, CVS policy emails from customer service, organizational ideas, printable coupons, along with coupon match-ups for weekly deals posted in advance of the sales, ad previews approximately 10 days in advance, clearance finds, weekly shopping trip linky, giveaways, Sunday insert previews, and much more.  I’m looking forward to your visit.  Happy CVSing!!

FROM COUPON LOVE –  I would like to thank,Cheryl, for taking the time to write this post for Coupon Love and for being “Blog of the Week” !  I hope that you all enjoy SimplyCVS as much as I do!

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2 Responses to Guest Post By Cheryl @ SimplyCVS

  1. karr says:

    Heck, could you be any nicer? Sharing other blogs, you are just great.

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