My Daily List 10/18

A few months ago when I started this blog I wrote a post “What to do When Life Overwhelms you?” and explained my purpose for “My Daily List”.  I had only done these posts for a few weeks but gave up when I thought no one read them.  Thanks to reader, Sara, I will be posting “My Daily List” again every day. 

When writing “My Daily List” posts I will not be including every day activities such as taking a shower or eating lunch etc. I will be focusing more on tasks that I may not be in a routine of doing daily.  Also note that nothing is in a specific order.

My List for Monday

  • Unpack
  • Clean up any messes that we left while packing
  • Get coupons and shopping list together

Notes: I was in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend.  I was so happy knowing that I would get the good denominations in Sunday’s coupon inserts.  There is one thing that I forgot about though…..Cleveland gets the Redplum insert delivered via mail earlier in the week which means that the Sunday papers only had a Smartsource insert.  Normally this wouldn’t be too bad except that all of the coupons I wanted/needed were in the Redplum!  To top it all off the person that I had buying my papers for me in Buffalo forgot 😦  Does anyone in the Buffalo area know any place that sells the Sunday papers after Sunday?  I REALLY wanted to do the mens Nivea bodywash deal @ Rite Aid!!! 

Other than the coupon problem…… my weekend was short but sweet.  I really miss Cleveland.  I am originally from the Buffalo area but moved to Cleveland 3 years ago and then moved back to Buffalo just 1 year ago.  I am not planning on doing too much today other than getting everything back in it’s place. 

I hope that you are all able to get your planned activities done for the day and find some time to enjoy family, friends and some alone time as well.  Feel free to share how your day has went and/or anything that you may have planned.

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5 Responses to My Daily List 10/18

  1. Sara says:

    Oh Cleveland! It’s such a fun place! I go there a few times a year to visit family. I imagine since you said your trip was “sweet” that I don’t need to ask if the trip was for business or pleasure. 😉 So what was the purpose of your fun travels??

    And please don’t include me on the weekly coupon giveaway. I’m terrible with coupons. I would prefer they go to someone that is better with coupons than I am. I try to stay organized, but when it comes to grocery shopping, I’m aweful. I’m working on it trying to get better organized when I shop. Reading your blog kind of helps ;). The daily list always helps!!

    • couponlove says:

      Hi Sara! We were actually visiting some friends and Hubby was playing in a Basketball tournament. I really love it there too!
      I am glad that you are still enjoying “My Daily List” 🙂 If you ever need any help with coupons or anything feel free to ask. I am VERY unorganized but somehow I get good deals. I really have no idea how. I ave been trying to get organized but it is taking FOREVER.

  2. Marie says:

    Hi –

    I came across your blog a bit ago and love the Tops matchups. I just wanted to let you know you might be able to pick up this past Sunday’s paper at the Buffalo News building downtown, if you are close to there. I think it’s on Washington Street. It’s about a block away from HSBC arena. Call ahead and ask if they have any copies left, but every time I have needed them they have. I picked up the Sunday paper as late as Friday without any problems. They tell you to park on the street with your hazards flashing and come in. You go to the desk on the left and buy them. Hope that helps.


  3. karr says:

    OMG, I thought I was the only one who doesn’t get the Red Plum on Sunday! Mine always comes in the mail on Thurs or Friday. And, it is terrible!

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