CVS Deals 10/17 – 10/23

ECB– Extra Care Bucks – These print out at the end of your receipt when you have bought qualifying item(s).  You also get back 2% on most purchases that you make at CVS.  These print out at the end of each quarter either at the bottom of your receipt or from the Red “coupon machine” aka Price checker.  You can also purchase a Green Bag Tag ( found by registers) for 99cents and bring your own bag each time you shop and have your green bag tag scanned.  You will get a $1 Extra Buck for every 4th time you have your tag scanned.  It only counts 1 per day per store.

  • Unlike Walgreens Register Rewards these are considered a STORE coupon so you can use as many as you like until you get a $0 total.  You may also use an ECB that you got from  a previous order to buy something from the same manufacturer and your ECB will still print.  Note that there are limits per card though ( these will be advertised in the sale ad).
Mentos Gum 15 ct. BOGO Free ( $1.79 – $1.89)
$1.00 Mentos Gum 10-3 SS
= 2 for FREE after (2) coupons!
Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor $8.99 Get $5.00 ECB ( LIMIT 1)
$4 Schick Hydro 3 razor 10-3 SS
$4 Schick Hydro 5 razor 10-3 SS
$4.99 AND get back $5.00 ECB = Free after coupon & ECB!

** Yes, this is seriously my CVS write-up for next week.  I am not being lazy….these are the only 2 deals that I think are worthy of your and my time.  There are some makeup ECB offers that may turn out to be a good deal but because I am not sure of the prices, I am not posting them here.  I will of course update in a separate post as I ( or others) find great deals.

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4 Responses to CVS Deals 10/17 – 10/23

  1. Kate says:

    I bought 6 boxes of Special K cereal (I really like this cereal AND I feel healthy eating it)

    @3/$10, my total was $20.01 (not sure where the extra penny came from…)
    I used:
    $4/$20 CVS Purchase
    $1/2 Special K cereals
    $1/2 Special K cereals
    $1/2 Special K cereals
    cost: $13.01 I paid with $13ECB and 1 penny — got back $10ECB.

    OOP = $0.01 for 6 boxes of cereal!!
    (I used up $3ECB – but that’s all profit money from previous transactions)

    The cashier did a double take when I handed him $13ECB and a penny 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    I like them all except the chocolate one.
    (And I LOVE chocolate – I find it’s waxy and tasteless in this cereal… perhaps in an effort to make it healthy :P)

    Unfortunately, my CVS had only 2 Vanilla Almond, tons of Red Berries and tons of regular. (so I got 4 Red Berry and 2 Vanilla)
    I don’t think they carry Blueberry there – I was going to buy these for my dad and Blueberry is his favorite. They were also sold out of the fruit and yogurt one that I like. Oh well.

    I’ve been using one of my dad’s keychain cards at CVS to get extra freebies for a few weeks now and it’s frustrating that I can’t get any $4/$20 from the coupon machine with it.
    I get at least one $4/20 a week with my card. Really makes the deals worth it.

    Oh, and Amanda, you asked me a while back about the cashiers at the UB CVS – a lot of them are young and don’t care, a few are educated middle-aged women… so overall, I rarely have any problems other than feeling a little self-conscious for probably being recognized as a weekly freebie customer…
    I always have problems with 1 woman though. I avoid her like the plague. I’ve actually left and came back the next day once when she was the only cashier at the front – it’s just not worth dealing with her… she fights every coupon… she even looks over the coupons sometimes when I use a different cashier – at least then I have the other cashier on my side to back me up. I don’t ever do anything excessive with coupons at CVS – 1 man. coupon per item at most and a $4/$20 (unless there’s a freebie from the coupon machine like the candy corn last week)

    • couponlove says:

      Thanks, Kate. I may give the Blueberry a try. I do love blueberries! I miss getting $4/$20 coupons. I used to get those and $5/$25 coupons on my main card ALL the time. I never get them now. ah well.

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