Rite Aid – $1/$1 Coupon. Good News? Bad News?

Have you checked your Video Value accounts lately?  Did you happen to notice that there is a new $1.00 off of a $1.00 purchase coupon?!  I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  This is great that we get $1.00 of free product buuuuttt $5.00 in free products was much better 😉  Only time will tell if these are going to permanently replace our precious $5/$25 coupons.  Let’s hope that they atleast leave us the $4/$20’s!!! 

* You will notice in the fine print of these coupons that it says off of a $25 purchase.  I wouldn’t worry too much about that.  I think someone just got lazy and didn’t bother to double check the wording on these coupons.  Looks like they just did some quick typing (or whatever they do) to change the $5/$25 VV coupons into $1/$1 and kept the fine print the same.

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