My Daily List 10/14

A few months ago when I started this blog I wrote a post “What to do When Life Overwhelms you?” and explained my purpose for “My Daily List”.  I had only done these posts for a few weeks but gave up when I thought no one read them.  Thanks to reader, Sara, I will be posting “My Daily List” again every day. 

When writing “My Daily List” posts I will not be including every day activities such as taking a shower or eating lunch etc. I will be focusing more on tasks that I may not be in a routine of doing daily.  Also note that nothing is in a specific order.

My List for Thursday

  • Spend atleast 1 hour cutting/organizing coupons
  • Spend 1/2 hr exercising
  • Go Grocery Shopping – I STILL didn’t go!  Am I a slacker or what?!?!
  • Bible Study
  • Clean Living room

Notes:  I was given a bunch of coupon inserts yesterday and decided that although I have a gazillion inserts that I still need to cut that have just been sitting in a pile, I would cut all of the new ones I got.  I spent a little over 2 hours.  I don’t even want to look at how high my coupon insert pile still is. 

Since I spent so much time cutting coupons yesterday, I somehow let the boys tear apart the living room.  I mean it is seriously a DISASTER!  I have no idea how on earth a 1 year old and a 2 year old can cause this much of a mess ( you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it!) or how I could even let it get to this point.  I JUST did a thorough cleaning of the living room a few days ago and you would never know.  I am having people over for my Bible study today and the little girl from upstairs asked if she can come over to play with the babies today so I need to get my rear in gear 😉

I hope that you are all able to get your planned activities done for the day and find some time to enjoy family, friends and some alone time as well.  Feel free to share how your day has went and/or anything that you may have planned.

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