Guest Post by Christie @ WildForWags

I’m a financial educator, certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. I teach a variety of classes covering such topics as improving your credit, saving for retirement, buying your first home, getting out of debt, saving on groceries and more.
I realized that many of my clients were spending a large percentage of their income on basic necessities. If I could help them lower their costs they would have additional money to put towards their debt or put towards meeting their goals. That led to me start I soon realized that a great deal of my blog was dedicated to Walgreens deals, so I decided to create my own site dedicated to Wags –
Every week I bring you the best deals Walgreens has to offer. Some of my regular posts include…

Register Reward Match Ups – Thursday
Full Ad Match Ups – Friday
Show Us Your Shops & Win – Friday
Walgreens Super Deals – Saturday
Shopping Scenarios – Saturday/Sunday
Updates From the Field – Sunday

I spend a great deal of time visiting different stores and looking for the best unadvertised sales, register reward deals, clearance deals and more! I try a lot of different transactions so I can find those hidden super deals Walgreens is known for, and bring them to you first. I also bring you all the latest coupons and any super fabulous deals I may come across. 

I created my blog to help others save money & to help them have the best shopping experience possible when shopping at Walgreens.  If you enjoy shopping at Walgreens or are considering shopping at Walgreens I invite you to stop by and say “Hi”! 🙂

FROM COUPON LOVE –  I would like to thank,Christie, for taking the time to write this post for Coupon Love and for being “Blog of the Week” !  I hope that you all enjoy WildForWags as much as I do!

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