My Daily List – 10/11

A few months ago when I started this blog I wrote a post “What to do When Life Overwhelms you?” and explained my purpose for “My Daily List”.  I had only done these posts for a few weeks but gave up when I thought no one read them.  Thanks to reader, Sara, I will be posting “My Daily List” again every day. 

When writing “My Daily List” posts I will not be including every day activities such as taking a shower or eating lunch etc. I will be focusing more on tasks that I may not be in a routine of doing daily.  Also note that nothing is in a specific order.

My List for Monday

  •  Get coupons together for the week
  • Spend atleast 1 hour cutting/organizing coupons
  • Get all trades and rebates ready to go out with tomorrows mail ( no mail today)
  • Wash dishes
  • Spend 1/2 hr exercising ( this should be interesting)

Notes:  I am going to try and shorten my list every day because then it is less likely that I will get behind.  You will notice on Fridays that I am going to be posting about my weight loss journey and I must admit that I rarely if ever do any exercise other than chasing after the boys.  I have really let my health and body go so I am going to change that!  The bad part is that I don’t have any exercise equipment and I don’t have any exercise tapes/DVD’s so I will have to keep myself motivated and interested.  Don’t worry this blog is not going to change into a “look at me and how much weight I am losing” blog.  I just think it is not only important for my health but will also save me money on doctors visits in the future and also on food ( my portion sizes are entirely too big!). 

I hope that you are all able to get your planned activities done for the day and find some time to enjoy family, friends and some alone time as well.  Feel free to share how your day has went and/or anything that you may have planned.

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8 Responses to My Daily List – 10/11

  1. lisa says:

    Where do you get that many coupons that you can spend and hour cutting them, I would be able to save a ton if I had that many coupons to clip.

    • couponlove says:

      Lisa, to be honest if I were to just sit and clip every coupon I have and then organize them all into my binders then it would take me ATLEAST 15 – 20 hours. I am quite sure it would take much longer than that though. This is what happens when you don’t keep up with your coupon organization every week. I just buy multiple papers each week ( only 2-8 usually…10 if it’s a super great week), trade coupons, join coupon trains, and I always grab a decent handful of blinkie and tearpad coupons at the store plus all of the other places there are to get coupons ( magazines, product samples etc.).

      • lisa says:

        I used to do the coupon thing years ago and really enjoyed it. Busy and didn’t have time recently, however now that the economy is so bad I am starting back and trying to only buy what I need but when you see those sales plus a coupon it makes me feel so good. I am trying not to have to buy so many papers but if you save so much it is worth it.

      • couponlove says:

        Hi Lisa, I am glad you are back into couponing! It really can be so much fun ( as well as helpful). When I get my newspapers each week I use store money ( ECB’s, RR, +UPs) to pay for them. I am at the gold level on my Wellness card at Rite Aid and get 20% off everything so I usually get my papers from there which makes them $1.60 each then I use the +UPS. If I had a dollar tree nearby then I would ust get my papers there for $1.00.

  2. Felicia says:

    I tried to do the binder method but I could never keep up (even when I first started lol) so I switched to just organizing inserts by date. I cut ones I will definitely use but the others I cut as I plan around sales.

    I can imagine getting behind, it overwhelms me!

    • couponlove says:

      I am not doing so well with any coupon method right now. I keep trying to use a binder because I am constantly missing out on awesome clearace everytime I shop. I will go back with my coupons and of course the stuff is gone by then.

  3. Charity L. says:

    I read this post. I like it…I just don’t usually reply to it! So…others are reading and enjoying this post as well…glad you are keeping it.

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