New Blogging Schedule

I have several ideas for the blog and have decided to share with you my weekly blogging schedule.  You will notice that a lot of the weekly blog posts are new and I am excited to start them all.  They may not all make it to the blog right away while I get used to this new schedule and I am sure there will be times that I am not 100% on track but for the most part these are the plans and I intend to stick to them as best as I can!  I will also still continue to post daily freebies, printable coupons and other deals that come up as well as random topics that I want to cover.

The nice thing about most of these posts is that I can write them without having to connect to the internet since I have to wait until Hubby gets home from work to connect the easy tether with his phone.  I can also schedule when posts go up which I am going to be taking advantage of more often.  This will allow me to get posts on the blog throughout the day instead of just super late at night or very early in the morning.

I hope that you will all find CouponLove to be a tad more enjoyable to read with all of the new posts headed your way 🙂

Monday –

  • My Daily List – my “tasks” for the day
  • Menu Plan Monday – weekly dinner menu
  • Blog of the Week – highlight a blog that I feel others may enjoy
  • Weekly Coupon Giveaway Reminder – rules of weekly coupon giveaway

Tuesday –

  • My Daily List
  • Trade Me Tuesday – post coupons up for trade and/or wishlists
  • Weekly Coupon Giveaway Winner – announce the winner from previous week’s giveaway
  • Frugal Tip – a money saving idea

Wednesday –

  • My Daily List
  • Wednesday Why? – my answer to coupon/money saving questions

Thursday –

  • My Daily List
  • This or That ? – a friendly discussion on which product, company, tactic, etc. you prefer
  • Sunday Coupon Preview –  a preview of the coupons in the upcoming Sunday newspaper
  • Guest Post from Blog of Week ( if available) – a post written by the writer from my choice of “Blog Of The Week” about their site and why/how they got started.
  • Coupon Class – My tips and lessons on the basics of couponing ( and the like) to help out people just getting started on their money saving journey. (NOT STARTED YET)

Friday –

  • My Daily List
  • Fatty Friday – my weight loss for the week & any notes ( NOT STARTED YET)
  • Mega Swagbucks Friday – reminder to search and possible win “big”
  • Rite Aid Deals – my favorite deals & coupon match-ups for upcoming week
  • Walgreens Deals – my favorite deals & coupon match-ups for upcoming week
  • CVS Deals – my favorite deals & coupon match-ups for upcoming week

Saturday –

  • Surprises In My Mailbox – share what freebies and fun things that came in your mail for the week
  • Plans & Scenarios – post your shopping plans and any deal scenarios you may have for the upcoming week
  • Tops Deals – my favorite deals & coupon match-ups for upcoming week

Sunday –

  • Share Your Trips – share what great deals you were able to score
  • Wegmans Deals – my favorite current deals & coupon match-ups
  • Walmart Deals – my favorite current deals & coupon match-ups
  • Target Deals – my favorite current deals & coupon match-ups
  • Dash’s, Price Rite, Budwey’s deals (if any) – post any coupon match-ups that might make for great deals.  These probably won’t be posted often.

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6 Responses to New Blogging Schedule

  1. Amy says:

    Wow!!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. karr says:

    What I love about your posts, is that there is one topic. So if it says “free diaper”, I can delete, because I don’t have kids, but if I am going to a baby shower, I would click so I could make up a little extra basket to take to the shower. If I see, half price entree from where ever, I’ll read it.

    Some other blogs put everything in one email and I have to go through the whole thing. Plus some of the cool stuff might already be gone because the blogger waits til he/she has the list all completed.

    Thank you!

    • couponlove says:

      Thanks, Karr! You are always so sweet and a loyal reader. If you ever get sick of the emails posting just one topic at a time you can manage your subscriptions by clicking at the bottom of the email and get all of the posts in 1 email a day.

  3. Precious says:

    I love you schedule and am looking forward to it!

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