My Daily List 9/24

A few months ago when I started this blog I wrote a post “What to do When Life Overwhelms you?” and explained my purpose for “My Daily List”.  I had only done these posts for a few weeks but gave up when I thought no one read them.  Thanks to reader, Sara, I will be posting “My Daily List” again every day. 

When writing “My Daily List” posts I will not be including every day activities such as taking a shower or eating lunch etc. I will be focusing more on tasks that I may not be in a routine of doing daily.  Also note that nothing is in a specific order.

My List for Friday

  • RELAX! 🙂 

Notes: Yesterday I had my Hamburger Helper “My Get Together”.  It was nice because I got to spend some time with family but most people cancelled and/or never rsvp’d.  So I still have some Hamburger Helper left + Coupons ( look out for a giveaway in the near future!).  I also plan to do a quick post on this party as well.  There isn’t too much to be told but I still would like to explain about the My Get Together site a little bit so that you can start signing up and participating for yourself if you haven’t already!! 

I just found out some sad news ( okay…it could be worse) that Hubby’s phone is going to be shut off for most of the weekend.  Which means that I won’t be able to use the easy tether….which means that I won’t be able to get online!!! 😦  I am trying my best to get posts written ahead of time so that I can schedule them for my absence but I am a bit behind ( what else is new?) so i’m not sure if that will happen or not.  I should have the 3 major drugstores write-ups done at the very least before the phone is off. 

It is SUPER hot in my apartment ( NO idea why) and I just want to lie around today and try to stay as cool as I can.  Not sure how well that will go with my little jungle animals climbing all over everything and knocking each other over.  So I am not going to add anything to my list today.  If I get stuff done, great!  If I don’t then I won’t be upset with myself. 

I hope that you are all able to get your planned activities done for the day and find some time to enjoy family, friends and some alone time as well.  Feel free to share how your day has went and/or anything that you may have planned.

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One Response to My Daily List 9/24

  1. how come i was not invited to this get together! I should be invited because i’m awesome! lol i miss you! And yes, ive been reading your posts. ♥

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