Wegmans – New Deals With Printable Organic Coupons

You can find some great organic printable coupons at Mambo Sprouts.  Below are some match-ups using these printable coupons at Wegmans.

* Keep in Mind that this upcoming Sunday, Tops should ( no promises…haven’t seen the ad) had the Dollar Coupon Doublers.  So if your Wegmans accepts the Tops Doublers then you may want to hold onto the $1 Printables to get an even sweeter deal!  Also I have VERY little knowledge when it comes to prices for Organic food so I am not sure just how great of a deal some of these are with the exception of the FREE bars!

Luna Bar $0.99
$0.50 Luna Bar Printable
= Free after doubled coupon!
Clif Kid Organic ZBar $0.89
$1 Clif Kid Printable
= Free after coupon!
Seeds of Change Rishikesh 8.5 oz. $2.39 (Whole grain brown basmati rice)
$1 Seeds of Change printable
= $1.39 after coupon!
Dagoba Organic Chocolate 2 oz. $2.59
$1 Dagoba printable
=  $1.59 after coupon!
ThinkThin Crunch Bar 2.1 oz. $1.49
$0.50 ThinkThin Crunch printable
= $0.49 after doubled coupon!
Light Life Veggie Protein Patties Veggie Burgers 5 oz. $3.49
$1 Light Life Printable
= $2.49 after coupon!
Light Life Smart Deli Slices 5.5 oz. $3.19
$1 Light Life Printable
= $2.19 after coupon!
Light Life Tempeh (asst, varities) $3.19
$1 Light Life Printable
= $2.19 after coupon!
Jane’s Krazy mixed-up salt. Original 4 oz. $1.99
$0.20 Jane’s Krazy printable ( what a name!)
= $1.59 after doubled coupon!
Florida Crystals Cane Sugar 32 oz. $2.99
$0.55 Florida Crystals printable
= $1.89 after doubled coupon!
McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, Steel Cut 16 oz. $3.19
$1 McCann’s Oatmeal printable
= $2.19 after coupon!
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