Guest Post: By Precious @ Frugal Makes Cents

                       (photo taken from Frugal Makes Cents)

Frugal Makes Cents was first started in the beginning  of 2008 as a grocery good deal blog for the Phoenix, Arizona area. I  would mainly post about my grocery shopping that I  did  each week. The posts kept me accountable for how much I was spending and also kept track of prices for me. When I started out I only had a few visitors each day.
Then I started to diversify a little bit into the frugality area. I would give tips on what I did to save money. I started getting more and more comments on those posts. That made me realize that there were people out there who were hungry for common sense ideas on how they they could keep more cash in their wallets. Since that really has always been my field of expertise, it was easy for me to post.  My readership started going up and I realized that I could post  the deals and then post the tips on saving cash also. Then I started to get questions on how we were able to early retire. So I wrote the Retirement Series. All of the categories on the right hand side of my blog evolved  eventually.
One of the most popular has been the Money Saving Challenge where I post what I do in a normal day to up our net worth. I will get back to posting that as soon as I am done with Our Journey over the past 40+ years to early retirement.  As most of the people know who frequent my blog, I am always open to comments and I try to answer every one of them. I am also very open to suggestions on what visitors would like me to write about.
My goal has never been to earn money from my blog but to help others along their journey. So you will not see ads  on my blog. I have had many small companies and people  contact me and want to advertise and  I have not done that and have no intention to.  Most people enjoy making money off their blog and  that is just fine. I just want to keep mine as uncluttered as possible. I also don’t want to be forced into having to build the blog or  post many times a day because an  advertiser expects it.
I want to keep this fun for me and to help others!  Evidently I am because I now have over 100,000 readers per year and more than 5 times that in page views. My visitors come from the USA  and 21  other countries.
In December of 2009, we moved to the Buffalo area to be closer to  our children and grandchildren. So now I post the Buffalo deals. However I still have many Arizona readers who  keep up with the frugality posts.
My hope is to continue the blog and have the information available as long as possible. I want to keep it fun for me and knowledgeable for my readers. If any of those aspects go away then I will end it.
Just a quick note….I have a copyright on my blog because I do not  want people copying information and then posting it on their blogs. However, any reader who wants to print the information for their own use is fine by me. Actually if there is something you want to refer to  over and over again, I would do that since blog posts disappear as they get older. The first part of 2008 has already disappeared.  

FROM COUPON LOVE –  I would like to thank, Precious, for taking the time to write this post for Coupon Love and for being “Blog of the Week” !  I hope that you all enjoy Frugal Makes Cents as much as I do!

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