Share Your Shopping Trips!


Do you love hearing ( and seeing) other couponers shopping trips?  I know I do!!!  Infact that is what motivated me to become a couponer in the first place.  I am hoping that I ( and my lovely readers…that’s you) can help to teach other people that they don’t have to pay $3.50 for toothpaste and they don’t have to eat off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants every night ( hubby and I did this for almost a year because we thought we couldn’t afford anything else.)  I know that most couponers actually don’t “need” to use coupons and aren’t really struggling much but do it for the fun/challenge of it.  I am sure that they would still much rather get their bodywash for $0.50 rather than pay $5 since they work hard for their money!  

 So c’mon let’s motivate each other!  No savings are too small.  This is not a competition, just a friendly post to share the deals that you got throughout the week.

**The above picture is of reader, Adina‘s trip to Tops last week.  Don’t you just love how she organized everything to make the picture fun?!?!  I always look forward to her pictures of recent shopping trips. 

Here is how her trip went:

Quaker Canisters 20 *1.50 = 30.00
Bailey’s Creamers 3*1.67 = 5.01
Egg Beaters 2.50*4 = 10.00
Tuna 1.67*4 = 6.72
= 51.73
-5/40 Tops coupon
-20 Quaker coupons
-4 Bailey’s coupons
-.50/1 doubled to 1.00 Egg Beaters printable = 4.00
-.55/1 doubled to 1.10 Tuna coupons = 4.40
= 14.33
-2.00 coupon from the first order
= 12.33 out of pocket, saved 60.33
Boxes Quaker Oatmeal 2.00*10 = 20.00
Yoplait Yogurts .50*28 = 14.00
Bailey’s Creamers 1.67*4 = 6.68
= 40.68
-5/40 Tops coupon
-10 Oatmeal coupons
-.40/6 Yoplait doubled to .80/6 * 4 = 3.20
-4 Free Yoplait wyb 6 coupons = 2.00
-4 1.00/1 Bailey’s printables
= 16.48 out of pocket, saved 50.11
Got back a 2.00 off on your next trip coupon from the Yoplait.

If you would like to see the rest of her pictures from this trip and her daily total check it out here at Money Saving Mom of 4!

* If you have any pictures of your great deals that you get and would like me to use for upcoming “Share Your Shopping Trips!” posts then please email me at Wifenmom3 @ ( remove spaces).

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5 Responses to Share Your Shopping Trips!

  1. wendy says:

    Love to hear about your shopping trips! You could make some mighty fine apple crisp with that oatmeal!

  2. Adina says:

    Funny you mention apple crisp… we went apple picking too! I have made and frozen 3 crisps already!

    Thanks for the shout out Amanda!

    • couponlove says:

      Of course! Thanks so much for letting me share your picture. Your trips are always so much fun to look at. I just toss everything in a chair really quick and you create men made out of diapers and towers of cereal and oatmeal 🙂

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