Winners of Tops Coupons

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and enter this giveaway.  I have decided that since I have enough coupons, ALL 15 entrants will be receiving (2) $5/$40 Tops grocery coupons!  I will be emailing the winners shortly.  If you do not receive an email from me by tomorrow night ( Sunday.You all know I get behind often 🙂 ) then please let me know and email me at with your name & address ( please only email me if you were one of the 15 people that left comments with the exception of my wonderful reader, Karr, who wasn’t entering the giveaway and just wanted to leave a sweet comment). 

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7 Responses to Winners of Tops Coupons

  1. Amy says:

    AWWW thank you so much Amanda!

  2. Amy says:

    Amanda, I didn’t get the email from you. Do you need my address or do you still have it from before?

  3. karr c. says:

    Just saw this email! Thanks for the props!

  4. Tina says:

    Thank you, Thank you – received just in time for my Sunday shopping!!

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