Share Your Shopping Trips!

Do you love hearing ( and seeing) other couponers shopping trips?  I know I do!!!  Infact that is what motivated me to become a couponer in the first place.  I am hoping that I ( and my lovely readers…that’s you) can help to teach other people that they don’t have to pay $3.50 for toothpaste and they don’t have to eat off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants every night ( hubby and I did this for almost a year because we thought we couldn’t afford anything else.)  I know that most couponers actually don’t “need” to use coupons and aren’t really struggling much but do it for the fun/challenge of it.  I am sure that they would still much rather get their bodywash for $0.50 rather than pay $5 since they work hard for their money!  

 So c’mon let’s motivate each other!  No savings are too small.  This is not a competition, just a friendly post to share the deals that you got throughout the week.

Reader, Kate left a comment with the great deal she got just today at Rite Aid.  Below is a picture of her trip ( and Cat 🙂 ) and how her trip went. 

Hi. Just got back from Rite Aid. (Did 2 transactions back to back … got 2 different grumpy, anti-coupon cashiers. Lucky me.)
I tried using a $1/$10 Oral Care Purchase that I got last time I was at Rite Aid, but it beeped and the cashier said there was nothing she could do about it. I didn’t feel like calling a manager over $1, but man, this cashier was brutal. I had to convince her that I could use a $1/1 MQ with a B1G1 MQ.

Transaction #1:
Ultra Air Wick
Compact Air Wick
x4 Finish Dishwasher Detergents

Transaction #2:
x4 Crossaction Oral-b Toothbrushes

The cost for these transactions was $4.93 cash + $8 UP = $12.93
I got back $10 UP and $4 UP (x2 $2UPs from the toothbrushes)

So, overall, I made $1.07 after tax and I’m happy to have 48 dishwasher loads covered for free!

Here’s a picture (from my phone) of what I got… my cat was insisting she get some attention

* If you have any pictures of your great deals that you get and would like me to use for upcoming “Share Your Shopping Trips!” posts then please email me at

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