Jasmere – Get $5 Free Credit for Taking Quick Survey

Jasmere is offering an instant $5 credit if you take a super quick survey.  It seriously only takes 2 minutes!  If you are not already registered with Jasmere than go here first.  Then you can go here to take the quick survey.  If you are already a member then you can just click here for the survey.  After you take the survey you will receive a code that is worth $5 off of your next purchase.  Your code can only be used once and it expires September 20th. 

  Jasmere seeks out lesser-known specialty retailers that deserve national attention. Lots of these companies have a limited budget for advertising, this is where Jasmere steps in. They don’t charge a dime for the national exposure, but just ask the merchant to provide an unheard of discount to Jasmere customers. Once they find a merchant to work with, Jasmere negotiates exclusive discounts with them. For 24 hours you can get in on one amazing and it gets even better when MORE people order. You see, when you make an order, you are guaranteed in on today’s offer, but your credit card is not yet charged (not until the 24 hours are up). …And the best part is that the price will drop lower and lower if more and more people order!

* Thanks Hip2Save & Because Cheaper is Better!

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