*HOT* RecycleBank- 90 NEW Points (165 For New Members) = AWESOME COUPONS!!

Are you a member of RecycleBank yet?  If not I HIGHLY recommend that you join.  RecycleBank is a company that rewards you for your efforts to recycle.  There are several different ways to earn RecycleBank Points but the easiest way is to just recycle every week ( not all areas participate).  The weight of your recycled items will be weighed and recorded when picked up and it will earn you RecycleBank Points.  Just for signing up with RecycleBank you will get 25 points PLUS when signing up and entering your info be sure to click that you want to join the “eBay Green Team” and you will get another 50 points.

RecycleBank Points can be redeemed for some great coupons that often change.  My favorites that you can get now is the $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon ( expires 12/31!) for 50 points,  $5/$30 CVS coupon ( only 1 per month may be requested) for 50 points,  $1.50 Huggies wipes for 50 points , $1 on any coke for 75 points, Free Happy Baby Puffs coupon for 40 points and $2 off any Right Guard coupon for 50 points!

For all RecycleBank members : To get 15 more points click  on “Earn Points” at the top.  Then enter the code TakeSmallSteps and select Marcal as the “points partner”.

For an additional 75 points go here and enter the code on DealSeekingMom’s blog ( Thanks Tara!).  This code will give you 15 points but it can be entered 5 times!  Hurry it expires 8/31/10!

To put it all together:

25 points – for signing up with RecycleBank

50 points – for joining the eBay Green Team

15 points – for entering code TakeSmallSteps using Marcal as the points partner

75 points – for entering the code found here five times using Recycle Bank Insider as the points partner

= 90 points for current members when entering the codes OR 165 points for new members when following all of the steps listed above!

*** Be sure to check out all of the other ways that you can earn points on the RecycleBank site as well ! ***

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