Tops Deals 8/15 – 8/21

*Tops doubles coupons with a value of $0.99 or less ( ie. if you have a 75 cent off coupon it will double to $1.50) but only 4 alike coupons per transaction*

Trans Ocean Crab Classics 8oz. $0.99 ( with super coupon…must spend $15 before coupons to use)
$1 Printable
= Free after super coupon and printable!
Betty  Crocker Family Brownie Mix or Cake Mix $1.00
$0.75/2 Printable
$0.75/2 8-8 GM
= $0.50 ( $.25 ea) after doubled coupon!
Welch’s Grape Jam or Jelly $1.69
$0.55/1 Welch’s jam, jelly or spread  6-6 SS or 8-1 SS
= $0.59 after doubled coupon!
Old El Paso Taco Shells or Refried Beans $1.25
$0.50/1 Old El Paso Product 7-11 SS
= $0.25 after doubled coupon!
* look for peelies on products for Free Refried beans WYB any (2) Old el Paso products!
General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios 9 oz. $2.50
$0.75/1 Printable
= $1.00 after doubled coupon!
Fresh Express Salad $2.00
$2/2 Fresh Express ( look in small boxes in front of salad)
= $2 for 2 ( $1 ea) after coupon!
Butterball Turkey (lunch meat) 9 oz. BOGO ($4.29)
$1.50 Butterball 5-23 SS or 8-8 SS
$0.75/1 Butterball 6-27 SS
= $1.29 ( $0.65 ea) after (2) coupons
Colgate Wisp 4ct. $1.00
$0.50 printable
= Free after doubled coupon!
Right Guard Deodorant BOGO ($2.79)
Right Guard BOGO free 7-25 RP
= both Free after coupon and sale ( YMMV)
Athenos Hummus 7 oz. BOGO ( $2.49)
BOGO Printable
= 2 Free after coupon and sale ( YMMV)
Mrs. T’s Pierogies 12-16.9 oz. box $2.00
$1 Mrs. T’s  6-6 RP
= $1 after coupon!
Wanchai Ferry Meal 24 oz. $6.49
$1.50 Wanchai 8-8 GM
$0.75 Printable
= $4.99 after coupon!
Macaroni Grill Meal 24 oz. $6.49
$1.50 Macaroni Grill 8-8 GM or 8-15 SS
$0.75 Printable
= $4.99 after coupon!
Ken’s Salad Dressing $2.00
$1 Ken’s 8-15 SS
$0.75 Ken’s ( not sure of source because it’s not showing up in coupon database but I found 3 in my coupon stash and they are from an insert)
= $0.50 – $1.00 after coupon!
Dole Fruit 24.5 oz. jar $2.50
$0.75 Dole 8-8 SS
= $1 after doubled coupon!
Reynold’s Wrap Foils $2.50
$0.75 Reynold’s 8-8 SS
= $1 after doubled coupon!
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6 Responses to Tops Deals 8/15 – 8/21

  1. amy says:

    Welcome back! I wanted to mention that i’m not sure what inset it was in because it was a while back but there is a $1 off of two Mama Rosa’s frozen pasta coupon and they are 10/10 this week so only $.50 a bag.

    • couponlove says:

      Thanks Amy! I wasn’t able to find the coupon in any of the coupon databases but maybe I have it in one of my inserts? Thanks so much for letting us know. If I can figure out where it came from I will let you know.

  2. Amy says:

    I just got back from Tops and I bought a Betty Crocker cake mix, a Betty Crocker frosting, 2 packages of Chips Ahoy cookies, 2 lbs green grapes, 10 bags of Mama Rosie’s frozen pasta, 4 containers of Athenos hummus, 2 bags of Crystal Farms shredded cheese and one Colgate wisp for a total of…..$11.35! (The cookies were free because I had a coupon for a free package and I used it with the BOGO sale)

    • couponlove says:

      Amy, That’s AWESOME! I wish I had some Free cookie coupons because hubby is ADDICTED 🙂 . I will have my trip posted later this weekend. I want to get the hummus! I didn’t get that yet. Did they give you a hard time about using a bogo IP? I am not sure how I missed it but I guess that there were BOGO Athenos Hummus in past inserts as well. I guess our area didn’t get it. Thanks so much for sharing your trip! I love hearing about shopping trips!


  3. Amy says:

    My husband is addicted as well! He would eat the whole package in one sitting if he could! No, the cashier didn’t give me a hard time with the hummus. I already had the price on the coupon and he just put it right through no questions asked. I was so happy because I love that stuff! I bought 4 of the red pepper kind (my fav) but they did have plain, roasted garlic and a spicy three pepper. I can’t wait to eat it! And the best part is that the date is good until Jan 2011, so I have plenty of time to eat them! I love sharing my awesome trips (thanks to you!) and I can’t wait to see your trip! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • couponlove says:

      Thanks Amy! I never did get to get any hummus. It has been another long and busy weekend for us which is why everything is going up late yet again. I really need to get some type of schedule going here 🙂 Glad you had such a great trip and hopefully a wonderful weekend!

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