Free Sample of Idea Paint

Go here to join the Idea Paint mailing list and request your free dry sample of Idea Paint.  This stuff  is so neat! Check out some ideas they give to use this paint…

Ten Cool Spaces for IdeaPaint at Home!

1. In the Playroom – Paint the walls, paint a table, resurface an easel. Paint a toy chest and make it more interesting than everything in it.

2. In the Mudroom – Make a family messaging center. Keep track of appointments, leave reminders (don’t forget your lunch!), and make your Honey-Do list!

3. In the Kitchen – Paint a wall, paint your refrigerator. Paint the inside of a cabinet to keep track of your shopping list. Make a space to scribble down recipes, notes to the family and chores.

4. In the Kids Bedroom – Let your kids decorate their room and everything in it. If Van Gogh had walls like these he might still have two ears!

5. In the Garage – Organize your storage area, organize your tools. Paint a wall and keep track of your oil change dates and if the lawn mower has gas!

6. In the Home Office – Make your work space work. Get on your feet and map out your big ideas.

7. In the Bathroom – There is a reason public bathrooms have graffiti on them. Make a space to doodle, or leave your toddler a picture or words of encouragement!

8. In the Game Room – Paint a wall or table to keep track of scores (because where IS that little pad that came with your Scrabble game?). Imagine Pictionary at life size!

9. In the Laundry Room – Clean or Dirty? Put your clothes away! This is mine and this is yours!

10. In your Entryway – Paint a wall or your door for an evolving guest book (thanks to Janet Sims for the idea!). Keeps your party guests occupied while you whip up some more of your famous guacamole. 

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