Quick CVS Trip $2.52

Today has been very rushed so I just wanted to grab some Sobe at CVS. I got 34 and paid $2.52 ( all tax) after my BOGO free coupons. 

 I also stopped at Rite Aid for some newspapers since I have the 20% off discount and picked up 7 ( I also get 1 delivered) papers.  I used $10 in +UP rewards and paid $1.20 on a previously earned Gift card. 

Anyone get to go shopping today?  Let’s hear the deals you got!

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4 Responses to Quick CVS Trip $2.52

  1. ashley says:

    Would you mind sharing what cvs you went to? This selection at my closest one isn’t great.

    • couponlove says:

      I went to 2 stores ( I don’t like taking too much from one and then leaving the shelves bare for others). I went to the CVS on Sheridan and Delaware ( across from Tops) and I went to the CVS on Kenmore across from Budwey’s. The one on Sheridan has more flavors and are stocked better. When I went to the one on Kenmore the cashier said someone just came and got 70 right before I got there.

  2. wendy says:

    Got 10 at Kenmore/Budway’s. Said their truck comes in on Tuesday.

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