Bronson is Finally Home!

After what felt like forever ( 3 days) my baby boy is home at last!   Last night ( Thursday) at around 9 pm the doctor said he sounded great and could go home!!!!! Bronson is still a bit congested but MUCH better and breathing easily. 

The above picture was taken at the hospital.  Although it was sad to see him with tubes and stuff sticking out of his arm, I was so happy to see his smile and he looked too cute in his hospital gown.  I would gladly pass on seeing him in one ever again though! 

Thank you to those that sent prayers and well wishes.  I was really a nervous wreck.  I also wanted to thank the winners of the CVS coupon giveaway for their speedy responses to my emails and your kind words.  The coupons have been mailed.  I hope that you all get some great deals at CVS!!!  Come back and let me know about your shopping trips if you have time. 

I will be posting a bunch of freebies and deals that I wasn’t able to post the past few days.  Most of them probably won’t be around much longer so make sure you sign up for/print them asap if you want them! 

I hope you and your families all have a wonderful weekend!

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